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Commercial Cleaning Supplies & Products


If you want to ensure that your office or workplace is kept in tip-top conditions, it's time to bring in the big guns. In instances where the standards of hygiene are paramount, domestic cleaning supplies just won’t cut the mustard. Instead, you’ll need commercial cleaning products.


Why choose commercial cleaning supplies?

The main difference between commercial cleaning supplies and the cleaning products you might use at home tends to be their size, strength, and concentration. For example, while you might clean your kitchen with something like our Mr Muscle Multi Surface Cleaner, you’re likely to run low quicker than if you were to use something like our Flash Professional All Purpose Cleaner. Sold in five-litre bottles, liquid commercial cleaning products such as these tend to be super concentrated. All you need to do is add water, and away you go. Not only does this mean that you can adjust the concentration of the liquid to suit your needs, but it also means that you’ll get far more out of a tub like this than you might out of a standard-sized domestic spray, which could also impact on your budget.

Similarly, if there are areas in your workplace that need to be regularly disinfected, you’ll get more mileage from products such as our Domestos Original Thick Bleach 5L tub, than you would from a 750ml bottle of the same stuff. While they might be exactly the same product, with the same brilliant cleaning capabilities, the larger tub is the more cost-effective cleaning solution. Check out our range of bleach and disinfectants and selection of all-purpose cleaning products. You'll find an extensive choice of cleaning liquids and sprays available in various sizes.


Size matters

Because commercial premises tend to be larger than those in the home, and the standard of hygiene needs to be rigorous, keeping the place clean can require specialist equipment. If you work in large premises, then size definitely does count. A simple task, such as sweeping up, can be made much easier and be done more efficiently with cleaning products such as our Coco Platform Brush. With a head width of 36 inches, it's perfect for sweeping large spaces, wet or dry, indoors or out. For floors that need to be cleaned with water, commercial cleaning products, such as our Rubber Squeegee Broom, are designed for use in larger spaces.

Although keeping your windows clean might seem like a minor consideration, their appearance can impact your company's image and, in cases of things like black mould, have a potential impact on the health of your staff and visitors. Again, it pays to think about how you might clean at home, but on a larger scale. Commercial cleaning supplies such as the Ceyhanlar Metal Window Cleaning Squeegee ensure that your cleaning staff can get to all those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies, giving natural light a chance to fill your workspace. Pair this with something like a bottle of Maxima Glass Cleaner spray, and you’ve got everything you need to ensure that no detail has gone unnoticed.


Prevention is better than cure

While many of the commercial cleaning products in our range of office cleaning and janitorial supplies are focused on keeping your workplace sparkling and germ-free, certain commercial cleaning supplies can help to nip the spread of dirt and germs in the bud. In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, we've all learned the importance of keeping our hands clean. Many offices choose to install hand sanitiser pumps on their premises, allowing guests and staff to protect themselves and others against the transmission of bacteria and viruses. However, rather than repeatedly replacing hand pumps, it can be a more cost-effective idea to refill them. Products such as our five-litre container of sterile hand sanitiser enable you to replenish your supplies and, at the same time, recycle your pumps, which can also help to reduce your company’s impact on the environment.


Bathroom facilities

Similarly, you can take steps to minimise the potential for the spread of bacteria in your business' bathroom. Most of us use bog-standard toilet rolls at home, dispensed from a toilet roll holder. Installing paper towel and toilet tissue dispensers in your staff or customer bathroom facilities can help to prevent the need to touch anything beyond the tissue itself. Should you choose to take this step, you’ll find that we offer a comprehensive collection of toilet rolls and paper, with a range of varieties compatible with a range of dispensers. Even if your office only has a single toilet, buying rolls in larger quantities can be a cost-effective long-term solution to keeping your bathroom facilities properly equipped. For those looking to communicate their commitment to the environment to their customers, we also stock some superb eco-friendly toilet papers, such as our Cheeky Panda Bamboo toilet rolls. Although these are designed as commercial cleaning products, they’re perfectly suitable for use in the home, as long as you’ve got the space in which to store them.


Getting rid of waste

Not all products are centred on sweeping up and wiping down. How you dispose of your commercial waste can minimise the potential for illness and help to bring the size of your carbon footprint down to something comfortable. Whether you need waste bins, cigarette bins, or even a substantial supply of bin bags and liners, we’ve got you covered.

No matter the size of your business, Avansas can offer you the best commercial cleaning products at the best prices. Using Europe's leading office essentials and accessories provider allows you to keep your workspace clean, presentable, and ready for use.