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Business Card Holders


While, in the 21st Century, the majority of communication is conducted through email, phone calls, or video conferencing platforms, there are still occasions when only face to face will do. In those instances, your business card acts as an extension of yourself and a representative of your brand. A shabby, crumpled scrap with your details on it conveys all the wrong impressions, which is why it's essential to give your business cards all the protection and prestige they deserve. Our collection of business card holders holds everything from those that slip into your pocket to those that allow customers and clients to take one from your desk. With the emphasis on style as much as safeguarding your reputation, you can be sure that your cards will look as pristine as the day they were printed.



Presenting in style


When giving your card to someone, it's worth knowing that your business card holder is the first thing the recipient sees. Before they even get a glimpse of your email address or contact details, your choice of business card case can carry as much weight as the card itself. With that in mind, we offer a selection of sleek, chic, and contemporary business card holders designed to catch the eye but keep things sophisticated and understated. From those made in aluminium, with locking mechanisms and modern designs, to those made from clear plastic to keep your spares safe, we’ve got something for every kind of businessperson. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a CEO, check out our business card case collection to find the one that best suits your needs and your image.



Keeping your details on display


However, business card holders aren't just for whipping out after a corporate dinner. Keeping your cards on display, where they can be seen and, if required, taken, can be just as important. A business card holder for desk use might not seem essential, but once you've printed your cards, you'll understand just how vital they can be. 

At its most functional, a business card holder for desk use helps keep your worktop clean, tidy, and professional. In addition, the moment that you're asked for your card, you won't have to rake through drawers to find one. With your cards organised and ready to be taken or given, those little details that can mean everything are all taken care of. Our range of desktop products includes a variety of styles and materials, from the simplicity of clear plastic to the innovative charms offered by mesh and metal.  

Business card stands can also be a bonus to any office environment, allowing your clients, customers, or potential colleagues to select the right cards from the right people. However, it's worth remembering that business card holders aren't all about giving out your details. On your business journey, whether you've founded a start-up or you're part of an established company, the likelihood is that you'll collect cards along the way.



Receiving in style


So that you can keep tabs on who stands where on your list of priorities, we can offer you business card stands that allow you to create a mini filing cabinet right in front of you. A business card holder for desk use will enable you to quickly riffle through the cards you've collected and promptly find the details of the person or business you need. Our collection includes holders that will act as home to up to 800 cards. However, for those who like to have everything immediately displayed, we also offer business card pouches that can be pinned to notice boards, fixed to walls, or used to keep cards safe and secure in other storage solutions. Made from transparent, waterproof, and durable plastic, they're ideal for smaller offices or those working from home. Put them where they can be seen, and you've got an instant filing system holding all the business details of the people you've encountered in your commercial ventures. 

Keeping your business cards protected, pristine, and ready to hand might sound like a big ask, but our collection of business card holders has got you – and your cards – covered. Check out our delivery options to receive yours in as little as 24 hours.