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Office Furniture


If you're looking to keep your staff comfortable and convey those critical first impressions to your customers and clients, check out our office furniture range. Whether you work from home or as part of a busy corporation, having the right furniture can benefit the business as a whole while helping to reinforce your brand identity. Going out to the shops to purchase desks and chairs might not be convenient for everyone, so we give our customers the facility to buy home office furniture and conventional office furniture online. If you're not sure where to begin, read on for a few top tips. 



Style and substance 


With almost 40% of people working remotely or running their businesses from home, home office furniture has never been more important. While commandeering a bedside table and dining room chair might suffice in the short term, there can be adverse effects on both the business and personal health as a direct result of using unsuitable furniture. On a health level, desks and chairs that aren't designed to offer the right height and support can result in back problems. Our home office furniture lines are designed to keep workers at the right height for work, reducing curvature in the spine and taking the strain from muscles and tendons. Even if an ergonomic chair is beyond your current budget, we offer a selection of back rests, wrist rests, and foot rests, which offer all the right support in all the right places. 



Choosing the right home office furniture 


At Avansas, we’re very aware that those who work from home might not have access to the same abundance of space that you’d find in a traditional office setup. If you’ve requisitioned a spare room, the best advice we can offer is to measure the space you’ve got available before checking out the products on our site. Each of the photos of our products is accompanied by a short description, including their dimensions. Using these, you'll see which items fit your room and suit your needs. 



Storage and space


Storage is a priority in both a conventional and a home office environment. Having a desk with drawers can make all the difference between a desk that's covered in clutter and one that communicates your professionalism to potential customers, colleagues, and investors. However, in situations where space is tight, we also offer a superb collection of trestle-style desks. These are designed with quick and convenient storage in mind, with shelving in all the right places, but with plenty of space under the desktop so that you won't feel cramped while getting on with your daily tasks.



Stylish, modern office furniture


For traditional offices, a cohesive and stylish office environment lets customers know that they're dealing with an organisation to be trusted and can also help unify your staff and promote productivity. While we offer a range of home office furniture with a more informal edge, we also provide a sleek and chic selection of modern office furniture. 

However, our modern office furniture proves that the contemporary doesn’t have to be bland. With desks and chairs in various styles, materials, and colours, you can ensure that you capture that cutting-edge aesthetic without compromising on functionality. On top of that, check out our range of office chairs, and you'll find those that treat ergonomics, presentation, and professionalism equally. From chairs fit for a CEO to those that are better suited to a busy office background, we've got both desks and chairs for every kind of office worker.



Ordering office furniture online


For some, ordering office furniture online can feel like a bit of a gamble. As Europe's leading supplier of office accessories and essentials, we like to make everything as easy as possible. Our product pictures and descriptions will give you everything you need to know about the product that's caught your eye. From there, it's merely a case of adding the desired quantity and checking out. In the unlikely event that you receive the wrong product, it doesn't meet your requirements, or it's been damaged in transit, we offer quick and simple exchange and return policies. Get it back to us within 30 days of receipt, and we'll sort it out for you.



Your happiness founds our reputation


In addition to having the best products from the biggest brands, we also offer them at the best prices. Our reputation has been founded on our customers' happiness, whether making one-off orders for themselves or buying in bulk for their businesses. No matter how large or small, we treat each order with the same levels of care and attention, backed up by exceptional customer service. On top of that, we offer a range of delivery options, so you can receive your office furniture choices in as little as 24 hours. With over a decade's worth of experience and expertise under our belt, we're here to help.