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Work Safety Wear


Whether you work on an industrial site, in a factory, or in an office, it’s important to have access to the correct work safety wear. The extensive range of safety wear at Avansas has everything you need to ensure your working environment is a safe and healthy space.


Robust, resilient, and practical, safety wear and clothes are designed to do a specific job – protect the wearer. So it’s essential that safety work clothes not only meet health and safety legislation, but that they’re comfortable and easy to wear too. To make sure you have everything you need, Avansas offers a variety of easily adjustable hard hats, ear muffs, and corded earplugs that are perfect for occupational safety in construction sites or louder workplaces.


If your work is a little more commercial such as in shops, hospitals, or clinics, then there are various face shields which are ideal for protection against bacteria and viruses. Convenient and practical, they’re easily adjustable and serve as the perfect protection for both your eyes and mouth without obstructing your view or speech.


Within the range of protective wear there are also fireproof clothes that are designed to prevent burns and scalds in more hazardous locations such as workshops. These products are made from 100% cotton together with a nitrile coating, so not only are they comfortable but they are tear-proof too.


Although occupational safety is different for every working environment, you’ll find everything you need in the Avansas range of work safe clothing. All clothing and items meet current UK health and safety standards.