Kitchen Cleaning Sprays & Disinfectants

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Kitchen Cleaning Sprays & Disinfectants


Whether you work in a professional kitchen, a hospital environment, as part of a catering team, or you want to ensure that your domestic kitchen is as clean as can be, check out our range of kitchen cleaning sprays. We offer an extensive range, including eco-friendly products and those designed for industrial and commercial use. With a range of delivery options, you can ensure that your kitchen is spick and span in as little as 24 hours.



Kitchen cleaning sprays for ovens


One of the hardest and possibly most unpleasant tasks in any domestic, professional, or office kitchen is cleaning the oven. Over time, fat, grease, and dirt are exposed to heat, which results in a thick residue with all the adhesive abilities of superglue! At times like these, simple soap and water aren't up to the job.

Kitchen cleaning sprays designed for cleaning ovens boast a high PH, making them alkaline.

Alkaline reacts with fat and grease to make them water-dispersible. In addition, they coat the fat molecules with hydroxide ions, which are negatively charged. That charge ensures that the fat molecules repel one another, breaking up any clumps and allowing them to be wiped away once the oven cleaner has done its work. While ensuring that any food is free from contamination is the obvious benefit of keeping your oven clean, there are other reasons to break out this type of kitchen spray regularly:


Benefits of a clean oven

  • • Accumulated fat and grease can present a fire hazard. Food trapped in the grime can begin to burn, and grease can be a highly flammable material.
  • • Keeping your oven clean may improve its efficiency. If your grill bars are coated in a hardened layer of carbon, they'll have to expend more energy to cook your food. In addition to being able to cook meals efficiently, a clean oven can also help you to minimise the amount of energy your oven consumes, which is good for your wallet and the environment.
  • • Meals cooked in dirty ovens can pick up the flavours of the previous inhabitants. For example, if you’re baking a cake after you’ve cooked a roast, some of the flavours of your Sunday joint can find their way into your sponge.



Food-safe kitchen cleaning sprays


Food-safe kitchen cleaning disinfectants are ideal for environments where food safety is a priority, such as hospitals, professional kitchens, catering outfits, and even in the home. These products are effective against some of the most virulent forms of bacteria and viruses, such as MRSA and salmonella. Kitchen cleaning sprays that are food-safe can be used in areas where food is prepared without any odours affecting the taste of the meals being put together. The Food Standards Agency requires that “any chemicals used in food establishments to clean and disinfect food contact surfaces and equipment must be approved as food safe.” Some will need to be diluted with water, while others can be sprayed directly onto all hard surfaces.



Keeping clean while keeping green


However, whether it's through personal choice or a desire to communicate their commitment to the environment to their colleagues and customers, many people are choosing to use eco-friendly kitchen cleaning sprays. While ingredients in traditional kitchen cleaning disinfectants might be effective on grease and grime, they do come at a cost to the planet. Eco-friendly products eschew the likes of chlorine, ammonia, and phthalates in favour of natural compounds, such as citric acid, vinegar and non-ionic tensides.

In addition to having a minimal environmental impact, these can also benefit those who use them. Some people who use standard kitchen cleaning sprays find that they can irritate their skin. Eco-friendly kitchen cleaning disinfectants can prevent irritation to the eyes, as well as the skin. In addition, some find that the fumes created by chemical sprays can have a negative effect on their lungs. With no toxic ingredients, their eco-friendly counterparts are far less likely to trigger any adverse respiratory reactions.

On top of that, if your business is keen to promote its green credentials and minimise its carbon footprint, kitchen cleaning disinfectants made from natural materials are the way forward. To put the cherry on the cake, there are ecologically-friendly sprays that boast 100% recyclable packaging, which brings their environmental impact down to an absolute minimum.