Pencil Sharpeners

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Pencil Sharpeners


We could tell you everything you need to know about broken pencils but… there's no point! However, having a blunt or snapped lead when you need it the most isn't always a laughing matter. At that point, even the highest tech won't help. Instead, you need to reach for one of our selection of pencil sharpeners. The perfect tool for restoring your pencil to its former glory and much safer than using a knife, sharpeners have stood the test of time since the mid-19th Century. Whether you're a creative, a draftsman, a student, or work in a busy office with plenty of paperwork to put your pencil to, make sure yours are always on-point with one of our high-quality stationery essentials.



Restoring your pointless pencils


At their most basic, pencil sharpeners are small, metal blocks with a hole at one end. The interior of the hole is conical in shape, fitted to accommodate the head of a pencil, with a blade fitted inside. Using a combination of motion and pressure, the user needs only to twist their pencil, and the blade will shave away layers of wood and graphite. Because of the position of the blade and the shape of the hole, this helps to sculpt the end of the pencil and the graphite lead, creating a point that offers clear, crisp and defined lines.



The benefits of a desktop pencil sharpener


While our standard sharpeners might be ideal for creatives, the resulting pencil shavings might not be helpful in offices or classrooms. To help collect wood and pencil lead coils, we offer a simple yet effective solution in the form of the desktop pencil sharpener. It works in much the same way as its standard cousin, with the added difference of the sharpener being set into the lid of a pot or container. As you turn the pencil, the blade sharpens it, but the shavings fall directly into the pot, saving you the job of having to clean them up every time you need to sharpen your favourite writing or sketching implement. 



Pencil sharpeners that save time and effort


For some, the act of using handheld sharpeners can cause problems, particularly if there are multiple pencils to repoint. We can supply you with various sharpeners with handles to take the strain out of your wrists and fingers. These are ideal for timesaving, and you'll also find that most of these types of desktop pencil sharpener come with integrated waste collection containers. On top of that, to ensure that your desktop pencil sharpener doesn't slide around when you're using it, many of them can be fixed to tabletops, keeping them firmly secured. They're incredibly simple to use: pop your pencil in the hole, hold it in place, and turn the handle. A desktop pencil sharpener can be an invaluable tool in environments where time is of the essence.



Sharpeners for different pencils


Because all pencils are not created equal, we can also supply you with two-hole sharpeners. These are ideal for both standard-sized and jumbo-sized pencils, so yours are always as sharp as you need them to be. While we've got standard two-hole pencil sharpeners, we also stock those with integrated waste pots, so you don’t have to keep clearing away any post-sharpening detritus.



Go electric


For the ultimate in hassle-free pencil maintenance, check out our range of electric pencil sharpeners. You'll find both battery and mains-powered models, allowing you to choose the one that's best suited to your needs. These take all the effort out of sharpening your pencils, courtesy of an electric motor. All you need to do is put your pencil in the hole and hold it still while the electric sharpener does the rest of the heavy lifting. These come with waste containers as standard, so you won't have to empty them after every use or sharpen your pencils while standing over a wastepaper basket. 



What’s your style?


As with all our products, we consider aesthetics as much as functionality. Browse our collection and you'll find those with a more minimalist look and those with a funkier feel. For more formal surroundings, metal pencil sharpeners carry that classic appeal. If you want something with a little more pizazz, check out our range of plastic-housed sharpeners. These are available in various colours, and we can even supply you with handled sharpeners that come in a variety of patterns and designs. Durable and sturdy, they're just as dependable as their metal cousins. 

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