Compatible Toner Cartridges

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Compatible Toner Cartridges


Despite a growing number of paperless businesses, printers still have a place in the modern office. As much as the cloud allows for digital storage of documents and data, in the event of a power outage or internet outage, that information can be difficult to access. Physical print versions ensure that you always have the right information to hand. Besides, even if your office is heading towards going paperless, it doesn’t mean that your clients are also heading that way. Contracts, invoices, and other documents. print is crucial, particularly if your clients aren’t tech-savvy. However, your printer is only going to last as long as its Toner reserves. At Avansas, we sell a range of compatible toner cartridges from Pelikan, designed to work with most of the big names, including Brother, Canon, Samsung, and Hewlett Packard.



Advantages of compatible Toner cartridges


When it comes to keeping your printers topped up, compatible toner cartridges are as effective as their branded counterparts. Costing less than original cartridges, they are made in the same way, but by a third party, Pelikan. While the inner components, such as the sponge, and the nozzle heads, are made from new, it’s not uncommon to find the outer casings made from recycled cartridges. While you might not be going paperless, using compatible Toner is good for your budget, and your carbon footprint. Pelikan Cartridges perform just as well as original components and are capable of producing an equally high-quality print.



Why buy from Avansas?


To ensure that you get the most for your money, all our compatible toner cartridges have been rigorously tested, to ensure they meet the same excellent standards offered by their branded equivalents. As Europe’s best office supply brand, we’ve been supplying businesses and individuals with all their office needs. We offer next day delivery services, competitive prices, and a choice of more than 3,000 products.