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LED Hand Torches


Whether you’ve had a power cut or simply need some light when you're outside in the dark, LED torches are a handy tool to have in every drawer, backpack, and car. Avansas has a wide range of hand torch lights with varying features that are sure to provide a convenient and easy-to-use source of light in all situations.


Practical, versatile, and portable, torches are useful for those dark winter evenings by illuminating outdoor areas or providing additional lighting in dimmer settings. In addition, LED torches are a practical safety measure for all workplaces. Well-lit areas can prevent accidents and can ensure a hazard free workspace for all employees.


Whether you’re looking for an ergonomic rechargeable hand torch for heavy duty work or a simple battery powered LED flashlight, Avansas has an extensive range of high quality devices suitable for all your needs. LED torches, which are usually battery powered or rechargeable, are an ideal solution for long-term illumination. Sophisticated options such as the Duracell Energizer Hardcase Pro deliver outstanding luminosity with portable practicality. The Hardcase Pro has a 30 hour run time, a faceted reflector, and a simple push button switch for easy use.


From running time to ergonomic detailing, each LED flashlight torch in the Avansas range has a manufacturer’s guarantee for total peace of mind. You’ll also find detailed information and specifications so you’re guaranteed to find one that suits your intended use. Our range of torches are premium quality at an unbeatable price. Simply place your order today.