Milk, Cream & Dairy Products

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What are the types of milk, cream & dairy products?


Avansas offers a wide range of milk, cream and dairy products. Within this range, customers will be able to find a variation of products that have been tailored to suit the needs of our large customer base. You are sure to find exactly what you are looking for within our extensive dairy product range. For the convenience of our customers, the following are a few of the different types of milk, cream and dairy products that Avansas has on offer:


  • Lakeland UHT Semi-Skimmed: These UHT Semi-Skimmed Milk cartons are a compact, tasty and long life milk option that contains a generous single serving. They do not require refrigeration and are ideal at function and events or for use in various catering establishments and hospitality sectors. This product is either offered in 12ml sachets in boxes of 120 or in 10ml sachets in boxes of 240.


  • Lakeland UHT Whole: These UHT Whole Milk cartons are a compact, tasty and long life milk containing a generous single serving. They do not require refrigeration and are ideal at functional events or for use in various catering establishments and hospitality sectors.


  • Champions Soya: Champion Soya Milk Portions are unique as they are the only types of long life soya portions within the UK. Soya is perfect for those with dairy allergies or those who prefer not to drink milk produced by animals.



What are the benefits of using milk,cream & dairy products?


The dairy found within semi skimmed milk, coffee cream and other dairy products is an extremely important addition to our diet. Dairy plays an important role in defending our bodies against things like heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. Dairy contains a large amount of unique and essential nutrients that are extremely important in the day to day functioning of our bodies and contribute to the overall health and well-being of each of us. Due to the fact that dairy contains such a wide variety of nutrients, drinking any milk or dairy products, including coffee and tea, is a good way for our bodies to receive the correct nutritional supplements. 


How to store milk, coffee cream & dairy products?


When it comes to storing semi skimmed milk, coffee cream and dairy purchases, each product may come with its own guidelines and criteria when it comes to storing. Food products that are sold by Avansas are each checked and sold to customers well within the sell-by date of each purchase. Each of the different products on offer will have the requirements of refrigeration and any other storage notes that may help you preserve your products for as long as possible.


While both the Lakeland UHT Semi-Skimmed and Lakeland UHT Whole Milk suggest that they do not need to be refrigerated, if it falls within your taste preferences to have cold milk, they can be refrigerated before use.



What should be considered when choosing milk, cream & dairy products?


With such a wide variety of milk, cream and dairy goods on offer, Avansas suggests the following considerations that one should make before purchasing any of these products:


  • Taste preferences: For many of our customers, the decision around semi-skimmed, whole and soya milk comes down to taste. Each of the products on offer are made from the best ingredients to provide you with the most delicious product. No matter your preference, each product is designed to have a delectable fresh taste that tantalises your taste buds in the best way possible.


  • Weight loss: There has always been a large debate about the health impacts of semi-skim and whole milk. While we unfortunately aren't here to end that debate, we are here to tell you that semi-skimmed milk does contribute to weight loss. Semi-skimmed milk contains half the fat content that whole milk does and has fewer calories, making it better with regards to a weight loss solution. While drinking semi-skimmed may be beneficial to weight loss, it is (unfortunately) not magic, and other actions and dietary adjustments are required for greater impact on your weight loss journey. For those who wish to gain weight, drinking whole milk would be the better suited option.


  • Vegan option: Avansas understands that we supply a wide range of customers that have different taste preferences, beliefs and dietary requirements. We therefore offer a multitude of products that contain various ingredients and so customers that prefer not to consume milk and want a dairy free option can enjoy our Champions Soya Milk Portions! Customers are encouraged to compare prices and product descriptions in order to find the product that best suits their individual needs and taste preferences.


  • Amount: When it comes to differing amounts per portion, Avansas offers Lakeland UHT Semi-Skimmed Milk in either 12ml sachets in boxes of 120 or in 10ml sachets in boxes of 240. When purchasing any dairy product, determining the best amount per portion is entirely up to individual taste preferences. For those who are accustomed to a more milky tasting drink, the large portions would be better suited to your taste preferences.



Is it safe to buy from Avansas?


Avansas upholds the privacy and security of our users to the highest degree. Being an online shopping platform, security is something that we take pride in upholding and supplying to our users. When shopping on users can rest assured in knowing that we are an online shopping site that not only supplies stable security, but we are constantly looking at ways we can improve our functions in order to better supply our communities.


With all the other things we know you have to worry about, be assured that when shopping on Avansas, security is not one of them. With an end to end encryption, automated banking systems service and guaranteed delivery time frames, privacy and security is something that is always supplied by Avansas.