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It doesn’t matter whether you work from home or as part of a conventional office setup, keeping your office carpet clean can have a significant effect on your well-being and the health of those around you. However, vacuum cleaners can also help keep your floors looking as presentable as possible, whether they're carpeted or not. Our selection of powerful vacuum cleaner and bagless cleaning models can be one of the most significant investments you make for your workplace, keeping everything clean, tidy, and hygienic.



Get back to your roots


As anyone with allergies to dust mites and other environmental allergens will tell you, your office carpet is home to many irritants. From the effects this can have on your staff to the discomfort your guests or clients might experience, the mites and mould they can house can cause significant problems. Choosing a powerful vacuum cleaner to get right down to the roots of your flooring can help prevent it from becoming irritating for anyone close by. Even if you work from home, factors such as dust, pet dander, and other particles can turn your business dream into a business nightmare.



Prevention is better than cure


Even if the floor of your home office or business premises has been newly laid, there's no underestimating the power or point of a powerful vacuum cleaner. With visitors, guests, clients, and colleagues walking in through the door, whatever's on the soles of their feet can provide the perfect breeding ground for bugs and bacteria. In this case, prevention is better than cure. Regular sweeps with these machines back up the idea that prevention is better than cure, extending the life of your flooring while taking care of its appearance and health.



Teeth and carpets


In some respects, it pays to think of your carpets and floors in the same way as your teeth. Keep up the brushing, and you'll help to minimise the potential for rot and replacement. However, just as using a wired electric toothbrush can be far less convenient than using something wireless, the same can be said of humble vacuum cleaners. Our selection includes cordless vacuum cleaners, which give you freedom beyond the confines of a power cable.



Where’s the point?


Our cordless vacuum cleaners are ideal in spaces where power points are scarce, and the ability to move without restriction is important. All these require is a single charging point, and once the battery's up and running, you're ready to roll. As an added benefit, using cordless machines take the hazard out of hoovering. While you'll need a designated power point to get the cleaner up to speed, once it's in action, there are no other cables to concern you. For details as to how long the battery life of a cordless vacuum cleaner will last, check out the descriptions that accompany each of our products.



No more bags


Browse our collection, and you’ll also find plenty of bagless vacuum cleaner models. From the get-go, these are money savers in offices where cleaning budgets are a consideration. Because the traditional machine is replaced by a collection chamber on a bagless cleaner, there's no need to keep running out to buy replacements. Once the chamber is full, it can be emptied into your refuse collection point, fixed back into place, and you're ready to go.

In addition, a bagless vacuum cleaner is better for the environment than its traditional counterpart. With no need for replacement bags, there's less demand for plastic and, as a result, a lesser strain on the planet. All that’s required is to empty the contents into a recycling bin, and you've reduced the size of your carbon footprint without thinking about it. A bagless machine not only helps to keep the costs of cleaning down to a dull roar but also lets your customers know that going green is as important to you as it is to them.

Whether you prefer a bagless machine, a cordless machine, or something more conventional, our range of powerful vacuum cleaners allows you to get the job done quickly and efficiently. To have yours delivered in as little as 24 hours, check out our range of delivery options.