Chalk Markers

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Chalk Markers


Whether you work in a school, want to give your children a creative outlet, or own a business, chalk markers are useful and versatile tools. Compared to traditional chalk, liquid chalk pens offer brighter and more vivid colours and greater consistency when writing or drawing. On top of that, chalk marker pens can write on or decorate virtually any smooth surface, so you don't have to worry whether or not you have an appropriate piece of board to hand. 



Chalk or ink?


Despite their name, markers, such as our Uni-Ball Markers, don't contain any chalk. Instead, their reservoirs have a non-toxic and pigment-based ink that dries in that typically grainy or dusty finish that we associate with the real McCoy. Because they're non-toxic, chalk markers of this sort are perfectly suitable for younger, budding artists and, because the ink dries to a powder, easy to remove from clothes in the event of those inevitable accidents.



Choosing your chalk markers


When you're deciding which of our liquid chalk pens is for you, it's worth reading the product descriptions accompanying each product's photos. There, you'll find all the details to help you make the right choice the first time around. 

Our collection of chalk marker pens includes those with chisel tips and those with bullet-point tips. Chisel-tipped markers, such as the Edding Chalk Markers Pack of 4, finish in a flat, angled nib, allowing you to create thick and thin lines according to how you hold the pen. In addition to allowing you to fill in large areas of space with ink, these are often the best choice for situations where handwriting is the focus, such as on menu boards. The angled tip allows you to create superb calligraphic effects without learning the ancient art of lettering.



Bullet markers


By comparison, bullet-pointed pens are more suited to filling in smaller areas and for notices or pictures requiring finer details. Bullet-pointed markers, such as the Uni-Ball Bullet Point Chalk Markers, are wielded in the same way you might use a felt-tip pen. Easy to get to grips with, they open up the doors to creating some spectacular visuals on glass, noticeboards, metal, and even wood. As long as the surface you're drawing or writing on is non-porous, you shouldn't have any trouble, and you'll have no problem cleaning it off. All you need is a damp cloth and a quick wipe.



Calligraphy in colour


Think chalk, and you probably think of white sticks and blackboards. However, as our liquid chalk pens use ink, they're available in a variety of vibrant colours. While these are useful for artistic endeavours, you can use them to create eye-catching notices and signs. If you're unsure which colours might be best for you, look at products such as the Uni-ball Assorted Colours Pack, which offers an assortment of eight colours to design eye-catching words and pictures.



Using your new chalk marker pens


The markers supplied by Avansas come ready to use. However, for the best results, it's worth 'priming' yours before you start to write or draw. With the cap still on, shake the marker before removing the cap and gently press the nib against your chosen surface. Doing so helps ensure the ink makes its way into the nib and allows it to flow consistently during use.

A superb addition to any home or workplace, you don't need to be a potential Picasso to use chalk markers. Check out our delivery options to receive yours in as little as 24 hours.