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Binding Combs & Covers


When binding reports and presentations, having the right accessories will make all the difference. Paperwork is part of the office furniture, but poorly presented documents will soon cause clutter and send your company’s archives into chaos. Binding combs and binding covers will help you create professional-looking documents that are polished, organised, and durable too. With an assortment of sizes and colours from a variety of top brands, Avansas offers binding supplies suited to every business and organisation.


The Key to Quick Document Organisation

Say goodbye to stray pages and scenes of administrative disarray with slide binders designed to securely hold pages together. This handy binding accessory uses a simple mechanism that fastens papers from one side, ensuring your documents are neatly collated with minimal effort. Our slide binders are available to shop in various sizes, from 6mm to 15mm, and our eco-packs of 100 prioritise convenience and value while reducing waste from harmful plastics. Slide binders are built to withstand long-term use. They’re flexible, durable and can be reused, so your documents stay organised, and your business spends less money keeping files tidy.


Proudly Present Business Documents

For ease of use and for documents that need to stand the test of time, binding combs and binding covers can transform piles of paper into sleek, professional booklets. Available in sizes ranging between 8mm and 28mm, combs are a versatile binding accessory that can accommodate documents of various sizes and page quantities. A practical binding supply that comes in packs of 50 and 100, a binding comb can be paired with a glossy binding cover to preserve the integrity of your documents and achieve an expert look. Take the time to look after your documents with Avansas’s adaptable binding supplies.


Preserve and Protect Important Paperwork

It’s always useful to have paper copies of important documents filed away in case technology fails us, and binding them will ensure they stay in good shape. Binding supplies go beyond organisation and are essential for preventing wear and tear or more serious damage. An archiving staple, combs and binding covers should be a part of every office’s stationery arsenal. 

Avansas is proud to offer high-quality products that won't break the bank. Purchase binding combs, covers and slide binders in quantities of 50 or 100 to ensure no product is wasted. There’s nothing worse than buying more than you need, and we are committed to helping you revolutionise the way you store and look after your office paperwork. Save time and ensure a more efficient workflow with convenient and affordable binding supplies from Avansas.