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Binding Accessories

Paper documents are indispensable for offices in daily business life. A4 papers must be grouped and collated. Binding accessories are at your service to help you with organizing your documents. Slide binders are very useful for keeping papers together. They fasten papers by holding them together from one side. With the help of slide binders, you can collate all papers. Binding spines, on the other hand, put paper piles into a book form and allow you to turn pages easily.

Binding spines and slide binders of high quality brands are available in various colours and sizes. Slide binders in sizes from 6mm to 15mm are available in eco-packs of 100. Slide binders, which can have round or triangle from, are plastic, durable and flexible. Therefore, they are suitable for long term use.

Slide binders can collate up to 100-150 sheets. Binding spines and wire binding loops, on the other way, come in sizes from 8mm to 28mm. Offered in eco-packs of 50 and 100, their sheet capacity varies in line with their thickness. Binding spines available in various colours will help to create a stylish look. Binding spines are very practical tools and can also be used to organise cables. Thanks to binding accessories, you can keep your documents in good shape for a long time and prevent them from getting lost.

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