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What models of rubbish bins & waste baskets are there?


Rubbish bins are used at home, at work, in restaurants, cafes and shopping malls - basically,  wherever people spend their time. Rubbish bins are buckets that are used to temporarily store solid waste and are usually made of metal or plastic. The waste bins models vary depending on the place where it will be used. Plus, rubbish bin models vary according to the size, technical characteristics, volume and material of the product.


According to the purpose of use, Avansas' wide product selection includes kitchen waste bins, office waste bins, garden waste bins, bedroom waste bins, bathroom waste bins, medical waste bins and general waste bin models. You can find the right model to meet your needs by checking up on the products in this category.



What are the uses of rubbish bins & waste baskets?


When we think of rubbish bins, the first areas that usually come to mind are the kitchens and bathrooms. Using only bin bags can cause leakage of litter water and bad odours to surround the house. Therefore, rubbish bins should be used in homes, especially in kitchens and bathrooms. There are models that vary according to use among the kitchen waste bins specially designed for kitchens, which is one of the places where hygiene is significant.


Bins inside the cupboards, which are usually located inside the under-sink cabinets, help keep your garbage without smelling. Small size kitchen rubbish bins, which provide a practical use on the countertop and take up very little space, stand out with their functionality. You can use these small size countertop rubbish bins to dispose of food waste. If your house has a garden, you can get rid of the smell of garbage in your home by choosing garden waste bins. Plus, these waste bins are more functional as they have larger dimensions.


Responsive people and environmentally friendly businesses, stores and shopping malls use recycling solutions with waste sorting features such as rubbish and recycling bins. Plastic waste bins, metal waste bins and general waste bins with large waste capacity offer features that facilitate waste sorting.  Among these waste bins, which are in various colours, the green waste bin is the most preferred.



What are the advantages of using rubbish bins & waste baskets?


Nobody wants to spend time in an environment full of garbage and smelling bad. Rubbish bins, which are used to get rid of nasty garbage odour and bad appearance, are very favourable. By purchasing the right rubbish bin for your needs, you can have the following advantages.


  • • A rubbish bin keeps order in the kitchen. Food leftovers are kept hygienically in the basket and can be stored away from other foods.
  • • Thanks to the bathroom waste bins and rubbish bins in areas such as bathrooms, toilets, garbage is not thrown away and clogging problems are prevented.
  • • Thanks to rubbish bins with covers, nasty smells are masked out.
  • • You can sort waste and recycle with waste bins.



What should be considered when buying rubbish bins & waste baskets?


  • • Rubbish bins sizes are shaped according to your needs. While a big trash can is needed for the kitchen, it is sufficient to use small buckets for office desks.
  • • The material of the garbage can must be sturdy to withstand heavy use and weight. Plus, apart from the material, you also need to pay attention to the type of lids of the rubbish bins and waste baskets. Generally, a metal rubbish bin is used in the office, while plastic ones are preferred in the kitchen.
  • • In order to use the rubbish bins under the counter or in the cupboard under the sink, the assembly features should be checked.
  • • Visuality quality is also important when choosing a rubbish bin and waste basket. You can choose a black rubbish bin for a simple and professional look or you can check up on the colourful rubbish bins to make the room look more lively.



Where to buy the most appropriate rubbish bins & waste baskets?


Online shopping is quite practical and time-saving. You can find the product you are looking for without having to visit dozens of stores and get prices from different brands. However, shopping from a platform you do not trust can cause you to experience victimization  At Avansas, which works with a focus on customer satisfaction, your security is more important than anything else. Therefore, the payments you make on our website are encrypted end-to-end and protected by 3D Secure and VeriSign systems. Your credit card information is not saved and shared with third parties.


You can find rubbish bins and waste baskets you need for your home and workplace on avansas.com/uk. On our website, you can see all the models in our wide range of products and compare their features with each other. You can read the descriptions and usage information under the products. You can read customer comments to learn more about the product you like. Consumers may experience dissatisfaction due to the fact that the product cannot be seen closely on e-commerce websites, does not come out as expected, or is damaged during the transfer. However, Avansas protects the consumer against these situations at the highest level with its working principles. Your products are carefully packed, shipped and delivered to you quickly, undamaged.



How much do rubbish bins & waste baskets cost?


Rubbish bins and waste baskets prices vary according to the size, model, brand and material of the product. Small size plastic rubbish bins are more affordable than metal ones. However, when purchasing rubbish bins and waste baskets, it is important not to compromise on quality. You can buy the products of the highest quality brands at the most affordable prices from Avansas.


You can check up on all rubbish bins and waste baskets models on Avansas' website, which has a user-friendly design. Our wide range of products includes products suitable for every budget. Place your order to take advantage of Avansas' competitive prices and have a hassle-free shopping experience.