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What are the benefits of drinking hot chocolate?


Whether it's sitting and working in the office or relaxing on the couch at home, a cup of something warm and decadent is always a welcome treat. One of the products best known for its warm richness and ability to plant a smile on anyone's face is hot chocolate. Avansas has a wide range of some of the very best products, but perhaps one of the most beloved is our Clipper Fairtrade Hot Chocolate!


Clipper Fairtrade Hot Chocolate is made from only the purest ingredients and contains neither  artificial flavours nor any sort of chemicals. This means that not only is this hot chocolate packed full of flavourful and decadent goodness, but it is also a drink that is healthy. The hot chocolate sold by Avansas does not contain any substances that are harmful to your health. The natural Cocoa found in Clipper Fairtrade Hot Chocolate actually contains numerous health and wellness benefits!



Does the hot chocolate sold by Avansas contain unhealthy additives?


Hot chocolate is made from a variety of ingredients, but the one that is most prominent is cocoa! Cocoa is a nutritious and flavourful bean that can actually provide a few health benefits when drunk or consumed in moderation. Below are few benefits you receive when indulging in a cup of hot chocolate:


  • • Cocoa is nutritious: Along with being a delicious drink, cocoa is seen as having quite a few health benefits. It contains large amounts of both fiber and iron, giving it a high amount of nutritional value.


  • • Cocoa actually makes you happy: Hot chocolate is a drink that has actually been known to be a good aid in battling diseases like depression. When a person indulges in a cup of hot chocolate, serotonin levels actually rise resulting in a lessened sense of both sadness and anxiety.


  • • Cocoa contains antioxidants: Hot chocolate contains a large amount of antioxidants known as flavonoids. Flavonoids have been connected to reducing inflammation and boosting immune system function. These flavonoids have also been known to be contributors in sustaining heart health and are associated with a low risk to heart disease.


  • • Cocoa is known to increase brain functioning: Cocoa contains ingredients that are active contributors in increasing cognitive functioning. Due to Cocoa boosting activity in certain areas of the brain, blood flow and energy have been found to increase neurological function and help in increasing cognitive features such as memory functioning.


The above points prove that not only is hot chocolate a delicious and flavourful drink, but it is also a good provider of a host of different health and wellness benefits!



Are the prices of hot chocolate affordable?


Avansas is always looking to provide goods for the best possible prices. Customers are assured that Avansas is a firm believer in selling products that are of the highest value for the most affordable prices. The hot chocolate on offer is no different from any other product sold by Avansas and the pricing of the delicious drink has been developed with customer satisfaction at the forefront of our mind! You can be sure that you are purchasing hot chocolate at the best possible price.



Is hot chocolate suitable for children to drink?


Yes! Hot chocolate is a drink that can, and should, be enjoyed by all. No matter your age, enjoying a mug of hot chocolate is a delicious addition to any situation, be it entertaining friends or relaxing at home. Due to the health benefits mentioned above, hot chocolate is definitely a drink that can be enjoyed by the whole family.



Is it easy to make hot chocolate?


A hot chocolate drink is not only a delicious addition to any activity, it is also so easy to make! Here are some easy to follow steps that can help you create the best and most delicious cup of hot chocolate:


  • Step 1: One should start by opening the box/hot chocolate packets and heaping three spoonfuls of the hot chocolate powder into a mug. For those wanting to add an extra sweetener to your hot chocolate powder mix, add in a spoonful of sugar or a sugar cube.


  • Step 2: Bring water to boil (this can be done by either boiling water in a kettle or bringing water to boil on a stove).


  • Step 3: Fill the mug until it is about ¾ full.


  • Step 4: Thoroughly mix until all the hot chocolate powder has been dissolved into the boiling water.


  • Step 5: Add in milk or creamer to full up the other ¼ of the mug.


  • Step 6: Enjoy your delicious, nutritious and decadent hot drink!



Is it safe to buy from Avansas?


When purchasing any hot chocolate products from, users can rest assured that we always make sure to protect your payments with the highest security systems. Your individual credit card payments are protected by 3D Secure and Verisign secure payment infrastructures meaning that all your information is secured and your privacy is upheld.


Products are set up with guaranteed delivery time frames, ensuring that your purchase will be delivered safely and on time. For UK mainland deliveries (excluding the highlands), your products will be delivered to you within 24 hours. For Northern IE, Channel Islands, Highlands & UK Islands and Isle of Man, your purchases will be delivered in 48 Hours.


Along with the above safety measures that have been put in place, our customer care service is always ready to help should you require any assistance with regards to any purchasing or payment issues. The payments you make on our user-friendly website are secure with end-to-end encryption. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you are welcome to return it within 30 days.