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Binding & Laminating


The extensive range of office supplies at Avansas features a number of laminating supplies and binding supplies that are perfect for organising your paper documents and keeping information stored safely.

Despite our ambitions to cut down on the amount of paper we use, paper documents are indispensable in almost every office. It’s important that you have the tools to collate and group data in an ordered manner. The range of binding accessories on offer at Avansas include both binding spines and slide binders. These are ideal for keeping papers of varying thicknesses neatly grouped and in good condition, especially for long-term storage. There are also a number of binding machines that are practical, everyday choices for easy and efficient document binding. These machines can bind up to 120 sheets and punch up to 12 at a time, and the adjustable edge guide guarantees accurate paper alignment.

If you’re looking for accessories for small office use, there are plenty of laminating supplies available at great prices. Durable, flexible, and super simple to use laminating machines are ideal for laminating office signs, notices, and ID cards quickly and efficiently. Different sized laminating pouches offer the perfect space for storing your ID, membership, and office cards. They’re easy to transport and practical for both home and office use.

Keep your files organised and your office neat with these laminating supplies. Each product carries the Avansas guarantee - premium quality at an affordable price.