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Printer Paper & Copy Paper


Paper is a vital and everyday essential both at home and in the office. There is a vast array of printer and copy paper available on the market for use interchangeably. For instance, multi-purpose copy paper may also be used for everyday printing purposes and photocopying, thus saving time and money.

Avansas offers a wide choice of copy paper and sizes available from various brands for all of your office requirements. Specialist paper options, including glossy printer paper, photo printing paper, and printer labels, are also available to purchase.

Our website offers three dimensions of printer paper, A3, A4, and A5. A4 paper is generally the most preferred size of paper for everyday purposes. Purchase your office paper needs today from our user-friendly website with fast delivery options.


A4 Printer Paper


A4 printer paper is the international standard and most preferred paper size for general usage at home, at school, or in the office. The standard dimensions of A4 paper are 210 mm x 297 mm, available in weights from 80gsm to 310gsm. A4 printer paper is used in photocopiers, standard inkjet, and laser printers for a wide range of tasks such as copying and printing letters, contracts, reports, and projects.


A3 Printer Paper


A3 printer paper is twice the size of A4 with dimensions of 297 mm x 420 mm (11.7 x 16.5 inches) and used for larger-scale projects, including drawings, diagrams, and posters.


A5 Printer Paper


A5 printer paper is smaller than its larger counterparts with standard dimensions of 148 mm x 210 mm and utilised for printing books, flyers, booklets, and invitations. You may purchase your A5 and other paper requirements from Avansas at great prices.


How to use printer & copy paper


Printer and copy paper may be used interchangeably; however, there are some subtle differences. Standard copy paper is thinner than printer paper and may only be distinguishable when printing a larger image. Therefore, due to budget, more costly printer paper can be used when printing graphics.

For daily use, copy paper has many functions and can be used both in the home and office for printing business letters, projects, contracts, stationery, and school projects. Avansas offers you a great range of copy paper available to purchase at competitive prices with a single click. Our Avansas satisfaction guarantee covers all products, and we offer free next-day delivery options and easy returns of up to 30 days.


What to consider when buying printer & copy paper


As copy paper is such a commonly used product in the workplace, businesses should carefully budget when selecting paper. It is vital that the paper you buy is of high quality and will not cause printer or photocopy malfunctions or paper jams. Therefore, when purchasing paper, paper density should be taken into account.

Copying paper is available in thicknesses of between 60 gsm to 120 gsm. 80 gsm is considered the standard for daily usage. Higher gsm and parchment paper can be used for double-sided printing and the professional printing of business cards, flyers, and pamphlets, saving money over the long term. Paper with a thickness of more than 160 gsm is considered card.

When purchasing printer paper, the finish is also an important consideration to make. Premium paper giving a whiter and brighter document appearance offers a higher-quality look and feel to your documents. Printer paper alternatives for colour printing offer more vibrant colours and are ideal for professional documents such as newsletters and presentations.

Storage of paper is of importance to ensure long-term usage and should be stored horizontally, in boxes. To preserve freshness and prevent dust, reams of paper should not be opened until needed.

Avansas has a wide range of copy paper options at great prices and a variety of quality brands available to purchase in both individual reams and boxes.


What is an eco-friendly printer & copy paper and where can it be purchased?


A crucial feature of eco-friendly copy paper is that it can be 100% recycled after usage, minimising damage to our nature, climate, and environment. As eco-friendly paper can be recycled several times after usage, many businesses prefer recycled paper as an alternative to standard copy paper.

Avansas offers a wide range of eco-friendly paper from quality brands on our user-friendly website with fast door-to-door next-day delivery options and safe end-to-end encrypted payment options.


How much is printer & copy paper?


Avansas boasts a wide variety of printer paper for purchase from a variety of brands. Prices of paper vary between brands according to weight, paper finish, and thickness. Some of the best quality and most popular brands available in this category are:

  • Avansas
  • NSR
  • IP Universal Paper
  • HP
  • Navigator
  • Discovery Paper

Visit Avansas today to purchase your office paper supplies at competitive prices with a single click, and next business day delivery options.


Can you purchase wholesale printer & copy paper from Avansas?


Purchasing your office printer paper and supplies wholesale in bulk offers many advantages. Many organisations prefer to bulk-buy for peace of mind and to gain the most competitive prices. A wide range of printer paper is available at Avansas including both individual paper reams, and boxes containing various ream quantities.


Is it safe to buy from Avansas?


We know how urgent your office needs are. That's why we always guarantee a fast and secure shopping experience. Your local supplier Avansas is at your service whenever you want. All shopping done via our website offers peace of mind with convenient next-day delivery options and easy 30 day returns. Your credit card payments are protected by 3D Secure and Verisign secure payment infrastructures, and rest assured that your data will not be shared with third parties. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return it up to 30 days. Place your order now and enjoy your privileges.