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It doesn’t matter whether you are a home user or an office-based professional, printer paper is an everyday essential. However, with so many different types of printer paper and copy paper on the market, how are you supposed to choose?

The Avansas copy and printer paper selection features a range of papers with clear and precise product descriptions, so you know exactly what you are getting. Below, we have also answered some of your most frequently asked questions, so you have all the information you need before buying.



What types of printer paper are available?


Avansas offers a wide choice of copier paper and sizes available from various brands. This means you can find products that meets your specific needs. Specialist paper options, including glossy, photo printing, and printer labels, are also available to purchase.

Our online shop stocks printer and copy paper in three sizes: A3, A4, and A5. While A4 paper is the most common for everyday use, many individuals and organisations also maintain a good supply of A3 and A5 paper.



A4 Printer Paper


A4 printer paper is the international standard and the preferred size for general usage at home, school and the office. Its standard dimensions are 210mm x 297mm and it is available in weights ranging from 80gsm to 160gsm. A4 paper is used in photocopiers, standard inkjet printers and laser printers.



A3 Printer Paper


A3 printer paper is twice the size of A4 and boasts dimensions of 297mm x 420mm. It is typically used for larger-scale projects, including drawings, diagrams, and posters. Before purchasing, always make sure your printer accepts A5 paper.



A5 Printer Paper


A5 paper is half the size of A4 and its standard dimensions are 148mm x 210mm. It is regularly used for smaller books, flyers, booklets and invitations. Most A4 printers are capable of processing A5 paper.



What should you consider when buying printer and copy paper?


You should consider the following factors when shopping for printing paper:

  • • Cost is always a consideration for both home and business customers. To find the right product for you, you will need to balance price and quality. Fortunately, the Avansas online store is packed with premium-quality papers at affordable prices, so you can find what you need within your budget.
  • • Paper is available in thicknesses ranging from 60gsm to 120gsm. 80gsm is considered the standard for daily usage. A heavier-weight is better suited to things like double-sided printing and will feel noticeably thicker and sturdier.
  • • When purchasing printer paper, the finish is also an important consideration. Premium paper results in a whiter and brighter document and adds a higher-quality look and feel to your documents.
  • • Production method. Paper can be more or less environmentally friendly. If you are concerned about your environmental footprint, keep an eye out for paper made from recycled materials.



What brands does Aansas stock?


Avansas boasts a diverse array of printer paper products from a variety of brands. These include:

  • • Avansas
  • • NSR
  • • IP Universal Paper
  • • HP
  • • Navigator
  • • Discovery Paper



Online shopping for printer and copy paper with Avansas


We know how important your office supplies are. That's why we guarantee a fast and secure shopping experience. The Avansas online store benefits from an intuitive user interface for streamlined shopping and our expansive product range ensures you can fulfil all your stationery needs in one place.

All the products we sell have been chosen because they represent excellent value for money without compromising on quality. Customers also benefit from quick and convenient UK delivery. Order your printer and copy paper from the Avansas online store today.