Certificate Paper

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Certificate Paper


Certificates allow us to celebrate our achievements. Using certificate paper allows you to create beautiful, professional-looking records of achievement for deserving individuals. For business or home use, certificate printing paper features an attractive border with a blank space for you to personalise the certificate's wording, allowing endless scope for producing motivational and congratulatory pieces. 



Celebrating Success


The range of A4 certificate paper makes it simple for businesses and institutions to acknowledge success. Companies may use certificates after staff training events, such as health and safety, first aid or new skills. It can boost team morale when employees are presented with a certificate at the end of their training, and it offers the opportunity to mark these achievements with a presentation ceremony.

Certificates can also serve as an important motivational tool in schools and other academic institutions. Teachers love to use certificates to celebrate great social skills and academic achievements, reinforcing good behaviours. Academic achievements of all scales can also be recorded by the presentation of a certificate, allowing students and staff alike to monitor progress and feel recognised for the time and effort put into achieving that academic goal. 



A Record for Career Progression


The certificates we receive as adults can become useful tools as we climb the career ladder. Copies of certificates can be submitted alongside our CV for job applications and when securing insurance. When you're creating a certificate, you, therefore, want to make it look as professional as possible. 

Offering a certificate for the training or teaching your business can act as a draw for those keen to undertake continued professional development and career progression. The certificate acts as proof of achievement; therefore, the likes of course providers should welcome certificate printing paper to their stationery.

We stock a range of classic border designs from Computer Craft and Decadry, including the popular shell design.



A Quality Certificate for a Quality Performance


We've chosen to offer 90 and 115 gsm A4 certificate paper which is compatible with all common printers and is comparable to copy paper in thickness, and this means the certificates can be easily laminated or framed for protection and display purposes.

With watermarked certificate paper featuring a 25% cotton micro-text to guard against the forgery of the certificates you produce, certificate stationery purchased from Avansas allows you to provide the quality of certificate the discerning recipient expects. 

Foil seals that can be personalised using inkjet printers are found within several of our certificate packs, including the Computer Craft 90 gsm Red pack of 30 certificates, allowing you to add your company or institution logo or whatever image or wording you'd like to include on the certificate. 

Our stylish blank certificates also make fantastic title front covers for assignments, reports and other work projects, saving you time formatting a design.