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Folder Dividers and Indices 


Despite the dawn of the digital age, managing paperwork is still an important part of our everyday lives, whether you work in a busy office, from home, or need to keep tabs on your personal documents. Quick access to important information can save time, money, and endless frustration.

However, folder dividers & indices become even more important when you are presenting information to a client or colleague. Expecting them to be able to negotiate a long document without any guidance communicates the idea that you or your company is disorganised and inconsiderate. Using index file dividers to break up pages of text into smaller, manageable chunks is an effective way to ensure that everyone is on the same page. 



Colour-coded access


Folder dividers & indices use a system reminiscent of the original Filofaxes. Typically, each subject file divider consists of a page of card, with a durable, coloured plastic tab attached. The next page is exactly the same, but with the tab placed lower down, so that it can be seen when the two are closed. Subsequent dividing pages follow exactly the same pattern, presenting a vertical row of coloured tabs that will open at a particular section of the document. Typically used in conjunction with ring-binders, all you need to do is insert the paperwork accordingly. Some makes of indices allow you to write on the tabs so you can customise a document or manual, according to your needs. 



A versatile accessory


However, file dividers & indices aren’t just for breaking documents up into digestible chunks. The Avansas collection holds a variety of these versatile accessories, including 12-tab folder dividers used to divide year planners and schedules into month-by-month chapters. For offices watching their carbon footprints and those looking to minimise their impact on the environment, we also offer a range of index subject dividers made from recycled materials.