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HP Compatible Ink Cartridges


Reliable, and built to last, HP printers are well-known for their high-quality levels of print, and their ability to deal with heavy workloads. Additionally, their convenient and contemporary designs mean that most HP printers can be used in the home as well as the office. Many of the newer models boast HP’s Jet intelligence system, which offers over 50% less energy consumption, faster printing speeds, and the capacity to print over 30% more pages than many of the company’s competitors. However, all this can come to an unwelcome halt if you run out of ink. Unfortunately for small businesses and home printers, printer ink is comparatively expensive and can contribute to excessive running costs. To help keep yours to a minimum, we offer a range of HP compatible ink cartridges.

While HP might prefer you to use their own brand of cartridge, using HP compatible ink cartridges allows you to maintain your high standards of print, without breaking your budget. Made by a third party, these compatible ink cartridges for HP printers work in exactly the same way as their branded counterparts, delivering the same quality of print at a fraction of the price. In addition, because many HP compatible ink cartridges use recycled parts and casings, you’ll also be doing your bit for the environment.

Many people worry that using HP compatible ink cartridges might somehow damage their HP printer. All our cartridges are rigorously tested to ensure that they work just as well as their branded equivalents and won’t cause any problems with your machine. Whether you’re after a single cartridge or want to buy in bulk for your business, we offer a next working day delivery service and competitive prices. Avansas has been Europe’s leading office supply brand since 2009, and we’re delighted to now be supplying UK companies and individuals with all their office needs.