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Disinfectant Sprays & Cleaning Bleach


Keep your workspace germ-free and ready for whatever the workday throws at you with the Avansas range of disinfecting sprays and cleaning bleach. We offer disinfectant to combat bacteria, germs and viruses, ensuring a safe environment for your business. If you’re looking to keep the bathroom fresh and the kitchen spotless, or you just need a stock of cleaning products on hand for office spills, browse our selection of professional, effective disinfecting sprays and bleach products. 



Powerful Cleaning to Fight Disease


Disinfecting sprays can play an essential role in the fight against disease, helping to kill bacteria, viruses and other potentially harmful pathogens before they can cause disease in humans. Our cleaning products are specifically designed to fight disease-causing germs with more power than many regular surface cleaners, with each product selected for its high quality and affordable price. Cleaning surfaces in the kitchen, bathroom and workplace regularly with a disinfectant spray is vital for maintaining proper hygiene and stopping the spread of disease. For an added kick in cleaning power, bleach can offer a quick and effective way to disinfect toilets, sinks and any other areas which require a heavy-duty clean. 



Fight Germs In the Office


When many people think of the most important places to clean in any workplace, they think of kitchens and bathrooms. However, your regular office space is easy to overlook and can provide the perfect environment for germs. Disinfecting sprays can effectively kill germs hiding on desktops, doorknobs, electronic devices and any shared work equipment, ensuring that the busy workplace remains hygienic. Spritz some cleaning product on your keyboard, phone and desk for an effortless way to stop the spread of germs.



Bleach Products for Potent Cleaning Power


Cleaning bleach has long been known for its potent disinfecting properties and is an important product to have on hand at work for maximum sanitation. Our selection of products can be used for a variety of purposes, including sanitising floors, bathrooms and kitchen areas. With its power to remove stains and disinfect surfaces at the same time, cleaning bleach is an essential addition to any office cleaning cabinet. 



Versatile Product Sizes and Functions


We offer an array of disinfecting sprays and cleaning bleach solutions in a number of sizes, so no matter what your cleaning requirements are, we have a product that fits your needs. From jumbo 5L bleach bottles to small, compact disinfectant spray bottles, we provide a range of sizes to suit every workplace. Our range of disinfecting sprays includes both scented and unscented options, designed with a useful trigger spray function to allow easy distribution of the spray across any item, floor or work surface.



Advice for Effective Use


Our cleaning products pack a punch but they can be made all the more effective by following a few tips for use. For best results, surfaces should be wiped with a warm, wet cloth before applying the disinfectant spray or cleaning bleach to remove specks of dirt and grime. Always ventilate the room you are cleaning to ensure airflow and get rid of any lingering smells of the cleaning product. All bleach products and disinfecting sprays should be stored safely out of reach of children and with lids securely fastened to avoid any spills or accidents. Finally, incorporate these products into your cleaning routine regularly for maximum efficiency and to maintain a germ-free environment.