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Bleach & Disinfectants


Bleach is one of the most useful, functional and versatile cleaning products. It is produced for bleaching laundry and is mainly used for this purpose. But that's not the only function of this versatile product. Thanks to its strong chemical properties, bleach, which overcomes all kinds of stains and dirt, is among the most needed cleaning products. It can be used for various purposes in the bathroom and kitchen. Bleach can be used to clean surfaces in your home or workplace effectively. You can also use it to clean stubborn grease stains on dirty dishes and stoves and lime accumulated in sinks.


The usage areas of bleach are not limited to these. This product, which has a destructive feature on bacteria and microbes, is also used as a disinfectant. Today, surfaces are disinfected with bleach to protect from epidemics affecting the whole world and prevent diseases. Of course, not only bleach is used for disinfection. Today, disinfecting products are among the most preferred cleaning materials in order to have a healthy living space. They are chemical-containing products produced for disinfection. Thanks to its chemical components, it easily kills harmful microorganisms.


There are some details you should pay attention to before purchasing bleach and disinfectant products.


  • The disinfectant you prefer should have a wide protection area. In addition, this product should be a disinfectant that kills bacteria, viruses and fungi.
  • It should not contain toxins and irritate your skin so that it does not endanger the health of you and your loved ones.
  • The disinfectant sprays and bleaches you prefer must be dermatologically tested and approved.
  • Some disinfectants have an irritating odour. Human health can be easily damaged by the inhalation of the smell of these products. Therefore, you should prefer odourless or fragrant products.
  • You can choose large-sized and advantageous packages to use bleach and disinfectants for a longer period of time.
  • If you have breathing problems, you can choose bleach that contains oxygen in its formula.


How to store bleach & disinfectants?


Bleaches and some disinfectants contain harsh chemicals. Therefore, when these products are not used and preserved carefully, they can pose a risk to human health. Bleach and disinfectant should be kept out of the reach of children, in a cool environment and with its cover completely closed.


In addition, there are some details that you should pay attention to when using these hygiene products. Hot water should not be used for dilution, as Sodium Hypochlorite, in other words, chlorine in bleach, will volatilize in contact with hot water and lose its effect. It must be used by mixing with cold water. When using chlorine additive products, they should never be contacted with hands, face and skin. When chlorine-containing products are used directly on bathroom surfaces, the environment should be ventilated.


What are the types of bleach & disinfectants?


There are many different types of bleach and disinfectants in Avansas' wide product selection. Although the chemical content of each bleach is different, it contains approximately 2% to 10% sodium solution. There are two types of bleach, although they have different chemical ingredients because different brands produce them. These are called chlorine bleach and oxygen bleach.


Chlorine bleach is a cleaning agent usually available in liquid form. Chlorine bleach, which has a very strong chemical structure, is generally preferred for disinfection rather than laundry. Oxygen bleach is also known as a colour-safe bleach. This product, which is suitable for use with almost all fabric types, is generally preferred for laundry.


Disinfectant varieties are spread over a wider scale. They are named according to their chemical content. Generally, the most preferred types of disinfectants are;


  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Quaternary Ammonium Compounds
  • Chlorine Compounds
  • Alcohol
  • Aldehydes
  • Iodophors
  • Phenolic Compounds


Along with the chemical content of the disinfectant types, their function and application areas also vary. Hydrogen Peroxides are called ready-to-use and non-hazardous products. In addition, they are environmentally friendly and sustainable products. On the other hand, it kills viruses and bacteria easily. It is one of the most preferred disinfectant types in the Covid-19 pandemic, where millions of people all over the world suffer. Chlorine compounds have a structure that kills even the strongest viruses, just like bleaches. When these products come into direct contact with the skin, they can cause irritation and allergy.


What are the advantages of bleach & disinfectants?


  • When you buy the right product and apply it correctly, bleach and disinfectants provide effective cleaning.
  • These versatile cleaning products can be used in different environments and for different purposes.
  • Both bleaches and disinfectants can kill a wide spectrum of germs, bacteria and viruses. Therefore, they are absolute must products for human health.
  • It should be used in places such as offices, hospitals, factories, shopping malls to provide the necessary hygiene.


How much do bleach & disinfectants cost?


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