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Address Labels


Whether you run a small business from home or you're part of a large corporation, mailshots, marketing campaigns, letters, and deliveries are part and parcel of keeping everything running smoothly. However, handwriting addresses on packages and envelopes can take up valuable time and, in some cases, lead to mistakes. Using address labels is an effective way to save effort, time, and money, which are all valuable commodities, no matter how large or small a business might be. Check out our range of postage labels to best suit your needs.



Clarity and professionalism


Time and money aside, one of the main problems with writing out address stickers by hand can be the handwriting itself. While you might have superb handwriting, there's nothing to beat the levels of professionalism conveyed by printed address labels. On top of that, handwriting that is hard to read can result in letters and packages being delivered to the wrong people and, in some cases, being returned. We offer a selection of high-quality address label stickers suitable for use in inkjet or laser printers. Not only do these help to create that all-important first impression from the moment your communication pops through the letterbox, but they also ensure that there's no mistaking who it's intended for. They're as easy to use as regular A4 paper, helping you to print multiple postage documents in one sitting.



Saving time and money


Ensuring that you use self-adhesive address labels helps to ensure that time isn't wasted. It's estimated that using these labels can save around 20 seconds per envelope or parcel. If you or your business send out 100 communications per day, that's two and a half hours saved each working week, which could be put to better use. With our postage labels available in a range of sizes, you can choose the ones most suitable for the dimensions of the envelopes or packages you're sending. In addition, if you're printing your own, you can even add your company logo, ensuring that the recipient knows exactly who it's from before they've even opened it.



Clear labels


For an even sharper professional edge, clear labels are a superb choice. Self-adhesive address labels work in much the same way as standard address label stickers. We stock those suitable for use with inkjet or laser printers so that the recipient's name and address are always legible and your packages and letters look their best. However, the main difference between these and other address stickers is that once applied, the label virtually disappears, leaving the name, address, and your company logo taking pride of place. You'll find that many of our printable address labels come with free, easy-to-use template design software, enabling you to create pro-standard postage labels. Be sure to read the product description that accompanies each of the photos of our address labels. You'll find all the details and specs necessary to help you make the right choice.



All-weather postage labels


Clarity and presentation are only part of the equation. Your letter or package could be exposed to various hazards and unfavourable weather conditions during its journey. To ensure your label maintains its appearance, no matter where it's sent, check out our range of weatherproof address labels. These are resistant to water and dirt, rear-proof, and resilient against UV light and extremes of temperature. Given that you're likely to use the best envelopes and packaging to protect what's inside, it only makes sense to use the most durable postage labels to ensure that what you're sending ends up where it's meant to be. Many are printable and come in easy-to-use sheets with the appropriate free software. Be sure to read the product descriptions to ensure that you're buying the correct products for the job. 

Because we know that mailing demands vary from business to business, we offer our address stickers in packs of different quantities. Whether you’re looking for 50 or 5000 labels, we can supply you with just what you need. 

Avansas is Europe’s leading supplier of office essentials and accessories. No matter how large or small, we treat each order with the same levels of care and attention. On top of that, we have a range of delivery options, so you can receive your postage labels as soon as the next working day.