Toner Cartridges

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Toner Cartridges

Toner cartridges can be defined as the material that preserves the ink in laser printers, which replace conventional printers as technology develops, and is a powder mixture used to form the printed text and images on the paper. In laser printers, text and images are formed thanks to toner. Toner cartridges, heated by the mechanism of laser printers, bonds to the paper and forms prints.

What Is Toner Cartridges , How Is It Produced?

Toner cartridges were invented in 1932. Early mixtures of toner cartridges only contained carbon powder, but over time, polymers were added to mixtures. Yet, the working principle has not changed. From a historical point of view, first it was carbon powder technology but then, different formulas were devised. The powder, often identified as toner powder or toner particles, are printed on paper after being heated in the fuser. This is how the laser printer works. A toner cartridge, consisting of approximately 10 micrometre-toner powders heated up to 180-200°C, can print an average of 2,000 pages. For printers with ink cartridges, the average page yield is around 300. Toner cartridge models consist primarily of two different types, the original black and colour toner. However, they differ based on the printer type and model. Factors such as print quality have an impact on the toner cartridge prices. Toner cartridges range on a wide scale. When choosing between toner cartridge models, consider page yield, print quality, warranty period, colour scale and compatibility. Toner cartridge prices vary according to these criteria. Toner cartridge refilling is required when the original black and colour toner goes low or is completely finished. While toner cartridge refilling is quite simple, there are some points to consider. Filling stages vary between toner cartridge models but are essentially similar.

What Are The Advantages of Toners?

  • Laser printers that use toner cartridges print faster compared to the traditional printer models. Using a toner cartridge increases print speed.
  • There is a significant difference between page yields of ink cartridge and toner cartridge. Ink cartridges allow you to print approximately 300 pages whereas this number goes up to 2,000 pages with toner cartridges.
  • Toner cartridges are more economical than ink cartridges. Cartridge prices and toner prices are different.
  • Depending on the printer model and whether the toner used is original, the quality of the printouts made with toner is higher than those made with cartridge.

Which Toner Cartridge Is Best for You?

  • Original black and tri-colour toner cartridges are different than compatible toner cartridges. Compatible toner cartridges do not come with a warranty and have a lower print quality. Yet, they are affordable. Original black and tri-colour toner cartridges, on the other hand, come with a warranty and provide high quality printouts. Using quality compatible toner cartridges will have the same effect as using original black toner cartridges.
  • Pay attention to the page yield when purchasing toner cartridges. If they are to be used frequently at the office, choose toner cartridges that can print many pages.
  • Another aspect to consider is the print quality. There are models of variable quality and their prices change accordingly.
  • Check if the printed colours match with the colours you’d like to have. Toner cartridges can be used print only in black, only in colour, or both in black and colour.
  • Warranty period can be another aspect to consider. Avansas offers toner cartridges that have a long warranty period. Yet, the duration of warranty periods vary according to the toner cartridge model.
  • Using the same toner cartridge brand that of the printer increases the print quality. Still, using different brands also allow you to print.

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