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Printer Toner Cartridges


If you own a laser printer, then you’ll already know that you need printer toner cartridges instead of those filled with ink. These are filled with toner powder which, through a sci-fi-style combination of laser beams and static electricity, beam the text or images you need to be printed onto the printer's drum cylinder. From there, the toner is projected onto the paper, where it's melted and pressed onto the page, offering crisp, clear letters and numbers, vivid colours, and pro-standard definition for pictures. However, when choosing laser toner cartridges, you need to be sure you're buying the best ones for the job.



The right tools for the job


The first thing to do is check that the laser printer toner you’re buying will work with your printer. Whether you’re buying original or compatible, you should be looking for something designed for use with your machine. For example, if you use an HP printer, look for genuine HP laser toner cartridges or compatible cartridges that can be used with HP machines. If you use a Brother printer, look for Brother toner cartridges and so on. In short, match the printer with the cartridge, according to the brand. Using something that isn't designed for use with your printer either won't work or, in a worst-case scenario, could damage one of the most important essentials in your office.



Colour or text?


Next up, consider what you need the toner for. If you want to print text only, look for black laser toner cartridges. If you typically print in colour, look for tri-colour printer toner cartridges. However, if you regularly print a combination of the two, then a multipack might be the way forward. We offer an extensive range of laser printer toner multipacks containing tricolour and black cartridges, allowing you to print up the best of both worlds.

How many pages a laser printer toner cartridge can deliver before it breathes its last can also be important. Typically, cartridges offer up three levels of page yield:

• Standard yield. As a rule of thumb, these tend to be able to print anywhere between 300 and 600 pages before they need to be replaced.

• Many high-yield (XL) cartridges will cheerfully deal with more than 1,000 pages of print.

• Extra high yield (XXL) cartridges are designed to cope with large quantities of print, and you’ll find those that will deliver upwards of 3,000 pages of A4.

What’s important to remember is that while the yield might get larger, it doesn’t mean that the size of the laser printer toner cartridge necessarily follows suit. Many XL and XXL cartridges are designed to fit in the same sized slot as a standard cartridge. The main difference is that those with a high page yield contain more toner powder.



Original or compatible printer toner cartridges?


Browse our website, and you’ll find that we offer both original and compatible laser printer toner cartridges. While there's an ongoing argument over which is best, the basics are that if you're using original cartridges, these have been endorsed and made by your printer's manufacturer. They're designed to keep your machine working for its anticipated lifespan and come with a manufacturer's warranty.

On top of that, you'll find that many original laser cartridges can be returned to the manufacturer free of charge and will be recycled or repurposed.

By comparison, compatible cartridges are made by a third-party company. While they can deliver the same levels of performance, print, and quality, they don't come with the bells and whistles that keep your printer in continual working order. However, what they do have on their side is their cost. They're cheaper than their original counterparts and perfect for domestic use and home offices and workplaces where budget is a prime consideration. All our compatible products are tried and tested, so you know that you’re buying a premium product.

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