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What are Sticky Notes & how are they produced?


Sticky Notes, or Post-It notes, are small-sized papers with adhesive on the back. These Post stick notes, which are indispensable for usage in homes and working environments, are used for different purposes. Post-it notes, which come in various colours, sizes, and shapes, are a desktop essential and have been a favourite in offices since the start of production. These functional products have a vital place in our lives, but do you know their background story?


The 3M brand first produced Post-its, and thanks to its success, the brand's name is also the name of its product. Post-it inventor Dr. Spencer Silver initially worked at making a strong adhesive. As a result of this work, he manufactured a strongly adherent substance that was easy to remove. This substance, which does not lose its stickiness for a long duration, was then applied onto note papers and became Post-it notes.


These post notes, which the employees of 3M discovered by accident, were loved so much that they became a new method of communication. The company named this product Post-it and put them on the market for sale in 1980. Developing over time, the brand gained great worldwide admiration and success with its new models, colours, and shapes and became a leader in its sector.


What are the different varieties of post-it notes?


The wide product range of Avansas includes a variety of sticky notes made by various brands. People use these small sticky notes to remind them of things and actions they need to do during the day. These notes support creativity and make the workplace more creative and efficient with a variety of colours, sizes, and models. These productive notes have a variety of uses including sending notes to loved ones, making shopping lists for office snacks and treats, and marking book pages.


Sticky Note Sets


You can select Sticky Note Sets and buy the product in bulk for long-term usage and saving money. Although classic Post-it papers measure 76 x 76 mm, there are sticky notes available in various dimensions. Among these sets, you can find different-sized notes, notes of different colours, and even transparent ones to meet all of your needs.


Although unlined notes are more popular, sets of lined notes are also available among these sets. The specially formulated adhesives of sticky notes are strong and do not lose their sticking power even when not in use. You can buy sticky-note sets and keep them in your drawer for usage whenever you want.


Colour and Shaped Sticky Notes

Do you want to make your sometimes monotonous business life more enjoyable? Or leave surprise notes to your loved ones? Do you need something colourful to highlight your vital document notes? All this and more is possible with colourful and different-shaped sticky notes.


Although yellow is the most popular colour of sticky notes, there are also many other varieties of colours available. In addition to the classic yellow Post-it notes, you can also select from fluorescent shades, including pink or pastel shades.


Post-it notes not only offer a wide variety of different shades but also shaped notes to make your daily tasks more enjoyable and efficient. There are square and rectangular and fun products such as heart-shaped post-it notes available. You can add your favourite varieties to your shopping cart and purchase from the wide selection available on our user-friendly Avansas website.


What are the benefits of using Sticky and Post It notes?


Using sticky notes offers many advantages. Simple, functional sticky notes remind you of tasks you should not forget.


  • You can stick vital reminders on your desk or wall of your office with the help of these Post-it notes.
  • Students can make a successful study program by adhering notes containing important information and formulas on their desks.
  • Sticky notes can be convenient when brainstorming alone or in a group. You can easily distinguish these ideas by each participant writing their thoughts on different shaded notes.
  • Having large pieces of paper in your hand while presenting in public can be difficult. In such cases, sticky notes can be life-saving.
  • You can use sticky notes to draft your ideas when preparing a report. You can write the points you want to make in the document onto them and transfer them at the end.
  • They are also handy for making shopping lists. You can easily access the information you want to remember thanks to these notes that you stick on the refrigerator.


Which Sticky Notes are best for you?


Before purchasing post-it notes, you should consider the intended use of the product. Packets containing sets of sticky notes are an ideal option for large offices, as wholesale purchases are more affordable. Although yellow notes are generally popular in offices, you may buy the colour you want and increase the energy of your workspace.


If you want to organise your study notes, colourful sticky notes would be the best option for you, allowing you to separate different points by colour. If you are going to use sticky notes to make a shopping list, larger-sized Post-it notes may offer you space to write more details. Thus, you can go shopping with a single sticky note rather than carrying many smaller ones.


You can find the ideal sticky notes among a wide range of sticky notes and other office products on our website. Avansas guarantees to offer you the best quality with worldwide brands at affordable prices. You can buy your chosen products with a single click. Orders placed within rapid delivery zones will be delivered the next day. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return it within 30 days. Trust Avansas to enjoy a convenient and enjoyable shopping experience.