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Sticky Notes


Possibly one of the most overlooked office essentials, sticky notes (also known as post it notes) are a superb addition to any commercial premises, whether you're working from home or as part of a traditional setup. When you use Avansas to order your office essentials and accessories, we'll treat each order with the care it deserves, regardless of whether you're a one-person band or part of an expanding corporation. With various delivery options available, you can be sure to have just what you need within as little as 24 hours.



Sticking with brainstorming


Believe it or not, brainstorming has been around since the 1950s. While the earliest sessions involved sitting in a bright yellow room, with each participant writing notes down on a piece of paper and a stenographer madly tapping out notes to be reviewed, sticky notes have changed all that. Using these dynamic pieces of paper, you can get an overview of the thoughts, ideas, and processes in a meeting without any need to rake through the minutes later.

 With each brainstormer able to write down and display their contributions, any available surface, such as a wall, whiteboard, or flipchart, can provide an eagle's eye view of the thought processes. On top of that, because they are easy to stick on and take down, you can watch those ideas evolve by adding new Avansas sticky notes and removing them. Effectively, by using these versatile pieces of paper, you can create an ever-changing collage of ideas and inspiration.



Sticky notes: then and now


The origin of sticky notes still has an enormous impact on how we use them. Originally, they were designed to replace the scraps of paper used to mark out the hymns to be sung during choir practice. Dr Art Fry felt the need to develop a bookmark that wouldn't damage the pages of the hymn books he was using, and that could be easily inserted and removed. However, once he'd perfected his creation, he realised that "what we have here isn’t just a bookmark. It’s a whole new way to communicate.”

Even in the 21st Century, where email is king, post it notes offer a quick and convenient way to get your message seen. While you might have to wait for a colleague to trawl through their inbox to get the message you've sent, using sticky notes allows you to pop your message on their desk, whether they're there, on the phone, or committed to another task. Compared to emails, Avansas sticky / post it notes are automatically engaging and sure to generate a rapid response.



Bigger isn’t necessarily better


The other advantage of these notes over their modern equivalents is their size. A modern Post-It note typically measures around 38mm by 51mm (although a range of sizes is available). That confined space forces the writer to condense their thoughts, ideas, and suggestions to the salient points without any fluff. Having the essential elements of a message to hand can help you to prioritise the critical aspects of a message, instruction, or idea without having to wade through the politesse that can prove to be little more than a distraction.

When looking for feedback, ideas, or complaints, post it notes offer a degree of anonymity. While handwriting might be a giveaway, there are methods you can use to print on sticky notes, removing any possibility of identification. The benefit of this capacity is that even the shyest person in the office can have their say without the worry that their email address, IP address, or user handle can be traced back to them. In this situation, Avansas post it notes can help to give a voice to those who otherwise might not have one.



Keep it green


Another benefit to using sticky notes from Avansas is that they are as biodegradable as paper. All paper can be composted, helping your business ensure it doesn't exceed its carbon footprint. However, many people worry about the sticky surface that gives post it notes their universal appeal. Typically, the adhesive used in their creation is free from chlorine and water-based, making them entirely suitable for composting or sage recycling. While these are a cost-effective communication solution for any office, you can be sure they're not costing the Earth more than they should.



Beyond the office


However, sticky notes aren't limited to use in the office. They also make a welcome addition to any busy home. From popping an inspiring message in your child's pack-lunch box to leaving reminders to bring plates and glasses down from teenage bedrooms, they offer a quick and convenient way to say what you need to, without having to think about whether or not your message has been seen, like, or commented upon. On top of that, they can help your children embrace mind-fuelling practices, such as memory mapping, and even encourage them in creative endeavours.



No school like the old school


Possibly the best benefit of sticky notes from Avansas is their immunity to the problems that come with modern-day technology. While your laptop or PC might be subject to the occasional power outage, drop in Wi-Fi, or even unwanted attention from hackers and scammers, post it notes remain impervious. While it might be prudent to ensure that notes containing sensitive information are correctly disposed of, perhaps using a product such as our Monolith Mobile Cross Cut Shredder, anything that doesn’t qualify as ‘Top Secret’ is easy to dispose of.