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A4 & A5 Notepads


While 21st Century tech allows us to make notes online, there's nothing to beat old-school analogue. Our collection of notepads is ideal for artists, professionals, journalists, diarists, and anyone who needs to keep a record of events, meetings, thoughts, and ideas. Unlike their computerised counterparts, notepads can't fall foul of power failures, are impervious to viruses and don't need a password to get into them. On top of that, there are situations, both professionally and privately, where a notepad is far more convenient and discreet than looking for a power point in which to plug in your tablet or laptop. You'll also find that notebooks have a few hidden benefits that many of us don't think about.



The hidden benefits of using notepads


Some research suggests that writing something down, whether it's on an A4 notepad or an A5 notepad, helps to improve the retention of that information. Studies in Japan have found that the unique combination of tactile and spatial skills involved in putting pen to paper helps those who use notebooks to remember information for longer than those that use keyboards to type it up. As a result, using a notebook in boardroom situations, classroom environments, and even for personal journaling can help the user to recall events and data with greater accuracy when compared with other methods. In short, if you need to remember something, the best way forward is to write it down.



Size matters


At Avansas, we stock a range of notebooks, from the standard A4 notepad and A7 notebooks all the way to the classic A5 notepad. With notebooks in a variety of shapes and sizes, you can quickly choose the one that's best for your needs. On top of that, we offer notebooks in varying thicknesses, from those that start with around 40 pages to those that hold upwards of 200. Should you be in a position where you need to tear out notes quickly, our collection includes spiral-bound notebooks. A firm spiral spine allows you to remove pages efficiently without damaging your notes or paperwork.



Notebooks to make your life easier


While lined notebooks are commonplace, we also offer a selection designed to make your life much easier. Check out our collection, and you'll find notebooks created to give you everything you need when you need it. Our 'to-do' list pads offer immediate structure so that, instead of you having to develop multiple new lists, you can prioritise what you need to by opening a page. With columns such as 'Priority', 'Action Required,' and 'Completed', you can plan your day-to-day activities quickly and conveniently. A to-do list notepad is ideal for those with busy schedules and who may need to quickly update or change what needs attending to and what can play second fiddle. To-do list pads are easy to use and allow you to save time making decisions that need urgent attention.



Substance and style in equal measure


While notebooks and to-do list pads offer great substance, there's no need to skimp on style. As Europe's leading provider of office supplies, essentials, and accessories, we select only the best products from the best brands. Although our collection includes notepads with a professional and stylish edge, you'll also find plenty to add a touch of fun and a personal touch to any proceedings. With respected brands, such as Pukka, Europa, and Oxford, in our range, you can make your notebooks as sleek and chic or as loud and proud as you like.



Greener notepads


For many businesses and individuals, demonstrating care for the environment can be an essential factor. Because it's biodegradable, the paper you find in most of our notebooks, such as the A4 notepad and the A5 notepad, already has some green credentials. However, suppose you want to step up your ecological game. In that case, you'll find that we offer a selection of notepads associated with specific charities, such as Save the Rhino International, a UK-based conservation charity with an international reach.

Because notepads and to-do list pads are a vital part of every home and office, we offer our clients a range of affordable and reliable delivery options. Whether making a one-off purchase for yourself or buying in bulk for your business, we can have your order waiting for you as soon as the next working day.