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Office Water Dispensers & Water Filter Jugs


Keeping yourself, your employees, and even your customers hydrated is integral to office life. Whether you work from home or as part of a traditional setup, our range of water dispensers and water filter jugs ensures that everyone is topped up. A water machine for office use enables your workers to stretch their legs and gives them a moment to chat at the cooler, forge friendships, and exchange ideas and opinions. Browse our selection to find the one that best suits your surroundings.


The benefits of office water dispensers

Office water dispensers tend to be missed most during the summer. However, drinking enough water each day isn't just important for health reasons. Research has found that keeping up your intake can help to stave off headaches and brain fog and even help to combat digestive problems. If you want to ensure that productivity is always at its peak, you can help by installing a water machine for office use. With free-standing models available in our collection, you can choose the perfect spot from which your employees can quench their thirst.

In addition to office water dispensers, we also sell those additional extras that make them easy to use. There's everything you need, from dispenser cup holders and mineral water refills to disposable cups. Check out our Food and Catering department to find all the accessories you want.


No space? No problem!

However, even if you're working from home or in surroundings where space is something of a premium, a full-size water machine for office use just might be possible. At the same time, ensuring that you or your staff have access to clean drinking water is a legal requirement for any employer. If your budget won't stretch to stocking up the fridge with bottles, the best solution is to check out our range of water filter jugs. Small enough to fit in even the most compact kitchens, yet big enough that they won't need refilling every five minutes, they're effortless to use.


How water filter jugs work

Water filter jugs typically pass tap water through a disposable carbon filter. Made from non-toxic and porous materials, these filters attract and prevent certain chemicals, such as chlorine, from passing through when the liquid is poured. In addition, they can help to filter out soluble heavy metals, such as copper and lead. You might also notice that some filter jugs employ filters comprising of a long tube filled with what looks like plastic beads. Those beads are actually made from special polymer resins that attract and hang onto solutes with positively charged ions. This process, known as ion exchange, helps to remove chemicals such as magnesium and calcium, ensuring that the drinking water is as pure as possible.

Just as with our office water dispensers, we also sell the essentials to keep our water filter jugs up and running. Whether you need new filters, refills for your water machine for office use, or some paper cups, we treat every order with the same care and attention.