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Executive Office Chairs


Alongside an office desk, office seating is the next most important thing on any equipment list, whether you work from home as part of a conventional setup. Given that office workers can spend up to eight hours a day sitting in their office chairs, ensuring that you choose the right one is a crucial decision. We offer an extensive range of high-quality office chairs, so there's sure to be something that ticks all the right boxes.


Desk chairs and height

When you're deciding which desk chair will be the best for your needs, there are some things worth considering. The first of these is the height of the seat itself. Sitting in a chair for extended periods while curving your spine can lead to painful back problems. Each of the photos of our selection of office seating is accompanied by a brief description. Here, you'll find all the dimensions of the computer chair that interests you. Use the height measurement to check that it suits your working needs.

It's also worth considering how long you will likely spend in your desk chair each day. Home office chairs are perfect for those who typically spend up to two hours a day at their desks. Comfortable, durable, and contemporary, they can even double up as dining room chairs when they're not being used in your domestic headquarters.


How long do you spend in your office seating?

Swivel office chairs can be a solid investment for workers who average between two and four hours a day at their desks. Generally speaking, they have higher backrests than their home office counterparts, providing greater levels of support for greater periods of time. In addition, because the seat is mounted on a post, you won't have to twist awkwardly to reach anything.

On top of that, you'll find that many of our swivel computer chair models allow you to adjust their height. Rather than having to find a fixed-seat chair, these will enable you to find the perfect position for your posture. They also tend to give a more professional aesthetic to any workplace, making them a popular choice for those who want to convey those all-important first impressions to customers and colleagues.


Support and comfort

Ergonomic office seating is the better choice if you are sitting at your desk chair for anywhere between four and eight hours. These offer proper support in all the right places, helping to take the strain and pressure from your muscles and skeleton. Many of our ergonomic office chairs are also height-adjustable swivel chairs, giving you the best possible sitting experience. However, if you already have an office chair but still want the support offered by ergonomic design, check out our selection of back rests and foot rests.

At Avansas, we offer our customers the best products, from the best brands, at the best prices. With various delivery options available, you could be sitting in your new computer chair in as little as 24 hours.