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Packaging Tape & Parcel Tape Dispensers


Whether you work from home or are part of a busy office, sending mail will likely be part of your day-to-day. Whether you're dealing with small or large packages, parcel tape is essential to ensure that what you're sending arrives in perfect condition. Our selection of packing tape, combined with the suitable packing tape dispenser, can help you save time and money while keeping your company on the right side of environmental friendliness.



Packing tape for pristine parcels


When it comes to adhesion, strength, durability, and longevity, there's little to beat the qualities offered by acrylic tape. Products like the Avansas Power Acrylic Packaging Tape deliver superior adhesion and won't lose their 'stick' when exposed to low temperatures. In addition to making acrylic parcel tape a superb choice for delivery, it also means that you can store packages for long periods without the tape degrading itself. You'll also find that acrylic packing tape is highly resistant to tearing, helping to protect your parcel during transit. Tape of this sort also opens the doors to upholding your brand. Use one of our label printers to create your logo on a sticky square, and the tape provides the perfect backdrop to set it.



Using a parcel tape dispenser


Manually measuring and cutting packaging tape can waste time and budget. Our selection of parcel tape dispenser products allows you to apply the tape, align it according to where it's needed, and cut it, without the need for rulers, scissors or, worst case, teeth. The most convenient type of packing tape dispenser is the handheld version. Those, such as the Avansas Packaging Tape Dispenser use stainless steel blades to ensure a crisp cut, which helps to keep your mailing look as professional as possible, upholding the high standards of your business.



Essential ergonomics


Repeated action can result in Repetitive Strain Injury, whether from typing or cutting packing tape with a dispenser. We, therefore, offer a range of packaging tape dispenser models that sport ergonomic handles. Choosing a packaging tape dispenser helps promote the correct alignment between hand and wrist, keeps the thumb from being strained, gives the user the optimum force to grasp the dispenser, and reduces unnecessary strain on the associated muscles.


Regarding productivity, using a parcel tape dispenser helps to make short work of a potentially lengthy job. Apply the free end of the tape to the package, stretch it out along the seam to be sealed, and use the dispenser to nip the tape where it finishes neatly. However, there's an additional benefit for those who want to keep a firm eye on their carbon footprint.


Anyone who has tried to use tape armed with a ruler and scissors will know how tricky it can be. The potential for the product to fold over on itself, stick to other things, and even the difficulty in cutting it at that all-important 90° angle can result in a lot of waste. Using a packaging tape dispenser gives you complete control over your tape, resulting in less plastic thrown unnecessarily back into the environment. For those who want to communicate their commitment to the planet, we even offer a selection of PVC-free tape, such as Tesafilm Transparent Tape. Consistent, affordable, and eminently practical, our selection of packaging tape and parcel tape dispenser models has something for everyone, no matter how large or small your business might be. You could receive your order as soon as the next working day with various delivery options available.


With a two-year warranty, 10 laminating pouches, and a cleaning sheet included, this is an essential addition to any office where quality, quantity, and speed are equally important.