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Packaging Tapes and Dispensers

Packaging tape is a multi-purpose material that is used frequently in both homes and workplaces. With strong adhesive properties, packaging tapes make the packaging process easier. They are generally used together with the packaging tape dispenser, which makes packaging more practical. Just like packaging tape dispensers, marker pens are among the most frequently used packaging tools in recent years. This pen allows you to write down on surfaces where ink does not hold easily. With products that offer practical solutions, packaging is now much easier!

What Is Packaging Tape, How Is It Produced?

Standing out with its strong and durable adhesive quality, packaging tape serves to tape down challenging surfaces such as cardboard boxes. Used frequently at homes and workplaces, this product comes in transparent, multi-coloured, printed and many other types. In 1928, an American inventor named Richard Gurley Drew discovered cellophane and masking tapes. Produced using an adhesive surface called cellulose, cellophane and masking tapes are sold in Europe under the name of Sellotape. The more robust types of the tapes, which also have varieties in the medical field, are used frequently as packaging tapes in building and construction, electronics and automotive industries. The increasing use of packaging tapes is leading to a worldwide increase in demand. At the same time, the improvement in the performance of packaging tapes with advanced adhesive technology is allowing tape producers to respond to market demands with higher quality and durable materials. According to the data on, a website with market growth rates, the total value of the global tape market reached $3.7 billion in 2017.

How Is a Packaging Tape Dispenser Used?

Packaging tape dispensers are fairly easy to use. The taping process can be started by adjusting the width of the tape placed in the packaging tape dispenser. The width of the tape varies according to the size of the packaging. In addition to the packaging tape dispenser, packaging is also facilitated by using double-sided tape.

What Are the Advantages of Using Packaging Tapes and Dispensers?

  • Thanks to their strong adhesive qualities, packaging tape varieties provide advantages with their practicality and easy use in both the industrial field and daily life.
  • Packaging tapes adapt to every budget and stand out as affordable products.
  • Thanks to their practical solutions, they shorten the time spent on processes such as boxing and packaging.
  • Since they prevent damaging or bursting of packages during transportation, packaging tapes emerge as one of the most reliable transportation and storage methods.

Which Is the Best Packaging Tape and Dispenser for You?

If you want to find the most suitable packaging tape variety for you, you should first determine the area of use. Produced in various sizes and thicknesses, these products can be used both in the industrial field and in daily life.

  • The products have various sizes including 67mm, 50mm, 45mm and 40mm. Their lengths vary from 10 meters to 100 meters.
  • Packaging tapes with strong adhesives are produced for industrial use, while packaging tapes with medium-strength adhesives are intended for use at home.
  • The type of material used in the production of the tape affects the level of adhesion. Hotmelt packaging tapes are produced by using a hotmelt adhesive. This is the most commonly used tape variety in daily life. Its heat resistance is around 60 degrees. It allows easy application without requiring too much pressure. It has a shelf life of 3-4 years. Hotmelt packaging tapes come in affordable prices.
  • Acrylic packaging tapes have very strong adhesive quality and take a very short time to apply. It is produced especially for use on hard surfaces such as plastic. Since this product is strongly adhesive, it is generally used with a packaging tape dispenser.
  • Produced in various colours, packaging tapes can be coloured, patterned or transparent. They also come in designs with cartoon characters on the stationery items for children. Transparent tapes are the most widely preferred variety since they are not visible and look more elegant.
  • The level of durability is directly proportional to product material. Compared to hotmelt packaging tapes, acrylic packaging tapes are much more durable and hold for longer. Acrylic tapes are both more durable and can be quickly applied.

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