Gusset Envelopes

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Expanding Gusset Envelopes


Anyone who has accidentally overstuffed an envelope knows the frustration of ripping the sides and rendering the item unusable. Even if the envelope doesn't tear when you stuff it, the sides can weaken if your contents are too bulky, risking damage during transit. Remember, as the sender of the mail, you must package your contents effectively to claim damaged goods if something goes wrong.

For thicker documents, gusset envelopes offer extra depth to accommodate multiple sheets of paper or cardstock. A simple, but clever design, these manilla envelopes sport folded sides that allow for expansion when you gently open the letter. With our secure self-sealing options, your bulky mail is in safe hands when you choose a gusset envelope from the Avansas range.



Economical Postage


If your business needs to send out lots of bulky documents but you don't want to use a reinforced product such as board-backed envelopes, expanding envelopes will protect the contents, holding them securely without tearing. They're also the perfect envelope for sending property schedules, brochures, spiral-bound reports, and handbooks without the need for larger and more expensive packaging.

We stock useful sizes such as C4 (which can take an unfolded A4 document) and C5, which you can use for folded A4 documents. These roomy envelopes allow you to save money by only using one envelope, rather than having to split a document and send two or more letters to the same address. They can be the perfect step up from a standard business envelope when you need to include extra sheets or information booklets. 

If you're an online retailer, gusset envelopes may be your most cost-effective choice for shipping certain slimline products. If you have items with a low risk of breakage or that would fit in your chosen manilla envelopes with a layer or two of bubble wrap around them, you could make significant financial savings over time compared to other packaging options.

Consider gusset envelopes if you sell books, CDs and DVDs, clothes, confectionaries, cosmetics, or jewellery. They’re also useful for sending out samples to promote your business.



Get Organised with Gusset Envelopes


In the workplace and at home, gusset envelopes offer a budget-friendly way to organise paperwork, coursework, recipe cards, and even magazines you'd like to store. With many recyclable options in our range, you may prefer this paper-based method of organisation over plastic storage boxes or concertina files.

They can be a space-saving way to archive paper, especially if you need to store your paperwork on shelving, where ring binders or box files may take up too much space. Their surfaces are also ideal for writing detailed and easily visible notes about the contents of the letter.

You can use the expanding envelopes to divide up documents or items for organisational purposes. The Blake 140 gsm gusset envelopes come in a pack of 125, making them a great option for splitting paperwork into the weeks or months of the year for your office admin jobs or archiving.