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Gusset Envelopes

Although companies use digital technology more frequently for information and document storage, one of the oldest and widely used tools in this regard is gusset envelopes. Indispensable for every office, this product comes in various sizes, shapes and qualities. Used frequently in document storage and shipment, gusset envelopes also help workers arrange their desks, eliminate document clusters and classify and file documents according to their types.

Another reason for the frequent use of envelopes is that some transactions in companies are handled not digitally, but via official documents. In addition to these transactions, envelopes are used for document storage. They are frequently used especially in archives, personnel files, official correspondence and field of law. Although envelopes usually come in options such as plastic, print and colour, this category only includes first quality white and yellow gusset envelopes. All envelopes are no-window.

Leading office supply brand Avansas offers its users gusset envelopes for every need in every area. Gusset envelopes in this category include high-grade paper pulp, formula and kraft varieties. High-grade paper pulp envelopes (known as white envelopes), formula envelopes (known as yellow envelopes) and recyclable kraft envelopes come in various sizes and prices. Prices vary according to size.

All envelopes provide ease of use thanks to the practical silicone adhesion to the flap. The sizes of envelopes are capable of fitting all paper types such as A3, A4 and A5. Most popular envelope sizes are 30 x 40, 26 x 35, 24 x 32, 17 x 25, 13 x 17, 21 x 28 and 32 x 42cm. Gusset envelope prices may differ and these envelopes are sold in packages of 50.

Avansas guarantees high quality in all envelope types and offers companies the most advantageous prices. Find everything you need for your office on, the leading office stationery supplier, benefit from the advantages of easy return, affordable prices and advantageous payment options and receive your delivery on the next business day.