Washing Up Liquids

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Dishwashing Liquid


Get rid of grease and leave your dishes looking spotless with our range of dishwashing liquid and soap. Our dish soap products are designed to give an effective clean, while also protecting your dishes and cutlery from any scuffs or scrapes. From small bottles that are useful to have next to the sink to large refill bottles that will keep your kitchen stocked with dish soap for many days to come, our range of washing-up liquid offers the best in performance, convenience and practicality when it comes to keeping the kitchen space fresh and clean.



A Little Goes a Long Way


Just a small amount of dishwashing liquid is needed to create a rich lather on any dishcloth or sponge, creating long-lasting suds that can easily cut through dirt and grime. Our range of dishwash soap includes leading brands that can be used on any dishware, glass, cooking utensil or cutlery, leaving them sparkling and ready for their next use. There’s nothing more frustrating than buying dishwashing liquid and finding it gone after just a few washes. That’s why our products have been selected for their ability to deliver top cleaning power with just a squirt or two of liquid on any sponge, so you won’t have to worry about replacing a bottle of dish soap regularly.



A Gentle Yet Powerful Clean


Many people think the best option when it comes to washing dishes is just to throw it all in a dishwasher, but these devices can be expensive, temperamental and abrasive on your delicate dishes. Washing by hand with dish soap is an alternative solution to cleaning your dishware gently without compromising on power. It creates a quick lather and can be used to wash many plates and cups with just a small amount of water, unlike an electric dishwasher, which can use a lot more water and power per wash. By opting for dishwashing liquid for your next wash, you’re choosing a gentle yet effective way to wash dishes, cutting back on energy usage and avoiding damaging your precious dishes in the dishwasher.



Versatile Uses


Dishwashing liquid isn’t limited to cleaning plates and cutlery. It can be used to clean surfaces and appliances or as a simple hand wash. Thanks to its quick-rinsing formula, the dishwash soap won’t linger on dishware or hands, leaving a clean surface free from any stickiness or residual film. Despite its strong cleaning power, our products are also kind to hands, leaving them clean and moisturised after every use without stripping your skin of its natural oils. No workplace is complete without a handy bottle of dishwashing liquid that can deliver a high-quality clean with only a small amount of liquid.