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Washing Up Liquids & Dish Soaps


Is there anything better than the pleasure of sitting at large tables and eating with our loved ones? Who wants to worry about dishes while having unforgettable hours with delicious food and pleasant conversations? Unfortunately, stubborn food stains can turn these beautiful memories into a torture. In some cases, it may not be easy to completely remove the dirt and grease left on the dishes. But don't worry, with quality dishwashing liquid types, you can get rid of even the most challenging food stains immediately.


Washing up liquids is the name given to hygiene products formulated for hand washing dishes. Although washing dishes in dishwashers is much more practical, it may cause scratching and abrasion on your delicate plates and glasses. Therefore, washing the dishes by hand helps you achieve hassle-free results. In addition, dish soap and washing up liquids make your dishes smell pleasant. Grease is one of the most difficult dirt to clean.  In addition, microbe formation occurs in the dishes that are not washed. Dishwashing liquids have a powerful degreasing feature. It ensures that your dishes are clean and shiny.


Avansas' product range includes a wide variety of washing up liquids. Produced by quality brands, these products have different features and functions. Some of the product types in our category are as follows;


  • Washing up liquid
  • Dish soap


These washing up liquids and dish soaps also have different types. The effect of products with different fragrances and formulas on dishes also varies.  By checking over the products and their features, you can add the ones that correspond to your needs to your basket.


What should be considered when choosing washing up liquids & dish soap?


In order to achieve effective cleaning, the washing up liquids you purchase must have certain properties.


  • When washing dishes by hand, your hands are in direct contact with water and dishwashing liquid. Therefore, poor quality products can irritate your skin and cause your hands to dry. For your skin health, it is recommended that you choose quality products that do not contain harmful substances.
  • How often you wash dishes is an important factor when purchasing washing up liquids. More dishes are washed in workplaces and more washing up liquid is used than in homes. Therefore, economic packages of 5 liters will be more advantageous.
  • Food residues can cause your dishes to smell bad. Although you wash it, it is not easy to remove this smell. For this reason, it is recommended to choose fragrant washing up liquids. Dishwashing liquids, which have pleasant aromas such as lemon, orange and apple, make your dishes both clean and eliminate bad odours.
  • Some washing up liquids contain antibacterial and anti-soiling agents. These products completely clean the food residues on the dishes and prevent the formation of bacteria.
  • When choosing among products, you can consider not only the price, but also their certificates, ingredients and recyclable features. Petrochemical ingredients-free and natural dishwashing liquids provide great benefits for both you and the environment.


What are the prices of washing up liquids?


There are many factors that affect the prices of washing up liquids. Prices may vary depending on the brand, dimensions and features of the product. Avansas' wide product range includes a wide variety of dishwashing liquids. You can find the wholesale price, affordable products of many different brands on our website. You can shop from Avansas for products such as Fairy dish soap that rinse easily, leave no residue and do not harm your skin.


How to use washing up liquids?


It is not enough just to buy the right products to get an effective cleaning. It is also necessary to know how to use the washing up liquids you have purchased. Some people drip a few drops of dishwashing liquid onto each dish. Dishes foam a lot and need to be rinsed for a long time. This means a waste of both water and washing up liquid. It is necessary to drip a few drops of dishwashing liquid into a bowl of water. This is enough soap to wash all your dishes.


You must rinse your dishes after foaming and washing them. Especially rinsing with cold water has proven to be more effective. There are many reasons for this. If the dishes are not rinsed thoroughly, the taste and smell of dishwashing liquid will remain and this will affect the taste of your meals. In addition, when soap scum is not rinsed thoroughly, it sticks to the dishes and becomes uncleanable after a while. This cloudy and smeared appearance causes your dishes to look unpleasant and even shorten their life.


If we come to why you need to rinse your dishes with cold water, dishwashing liquids contain sodium laureth sulphate. Thanks to this substance, dishes are cleaned better and foam more. However, sodium laureth sulphate is an irritant substance and needs to be cleaned thoroughly. Thoroughly rinsing the dishes with cold water helps to clean this substance and does not pose a health risk.


Is it safe to buy from Avansas?

Washing up liquids is a constant need. Since it is used continuously, it is consumed quickly and needs to be bought again. But cleaning products can sometimes be very costly. Buying cleaning products in a reliable and affordable way is essential for the domestic economy. You may also want to order a new one and get it delivered as soon as the washing up liquid is finished. Avansas is always at your service so that you can have all your needs with just a single click. It is very easy and practical to shop on our user-friendly website.


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