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Premium Paper


The grams per square meter of premium paper varies depending on the intended use. A4 and A3 size copier paper we use daily in offices is usually 70-80gsm. Far East countries generally prefer 70gsm while mainly 80gsm paper is in use in the United Kingdom. Since there is no difference between printers used in Far East countries and those used in the United Kingdom, but their choice of paper varies, we can tell the underlying reason for gsm variation is different user habits. 70-75 gsm premium paper helps making savings and does not jam in printers. However, the print quality may not be as high as the one on 80gsm premium paper.

One important point to note is that the packaging of premium paper that weighs less than 80gsm does not indicate the gsm of the paper. Therefore, do not forget that such packaging includes paper that weighs less than 80 gsm!

Apart from these, there is premium paper up to 250gsm used relatively frequently. Those that weigh 40-170gsm are called paper, those weigh 170-600gsm, cardboard and the ones weigh more than 600gsm, pasteboard. For example, paper used for newspapers weighs 45gsm whereas business cards weigh about 300 gsm.

Generally, colour paper and high-quality premium paper weigh approximately 200gsm. Construction companies print the model of their projects and healthcare organisations print high-quality medical images on such paper.