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Wood Furniture Polish & Fabric Cleaners


Most of the time, quick dusting is enough to make a home or office furniture look a little cheerier. However, if you’re receiving guests and want to enhance your surroundings, you’ll need more than a cursory tickle with a duster. At times like these, the best thing you can do is break out the wood furniture polish. 



Cleaning wood


While you don’t have to use it every day, regular use of wood furniture polish can leave your tables, chairs, and wooden surfaces looking as good as new. The polishes in the Avansas collection help to build up a protective layer on wooden furniture, helping to repel dust, create a barrier against spills and stains, and even help to minimise the damage caused by scratching. If your furniture is in a high-traffic area, wood furniture polish can help to keep superficial damage at bay and, for those with dust allergies, help to keep surfaces free from environmental irritants.



Cleaning upholstery


However, our wood furniture polish range isn’t limited to waxes for wood. You’ll find a selection of fabric and upholstery cleaner sprays. These disinfectants are designed to sanitise all household upholstery and fabrics, leaving them free from up to 99.99% of bacteria, and smelling clean and fresh. Again, this can be a useful addition to your cleaning arsenal, particularly if you have pets or you know you’re going to be visited by someone who is susceptible to environmental allergens.



Cleaning fabrics


In the age of coronavirus, maintaining cleanliness is more important than ever before. To add an extra layer of protection for you, your family, friends, or customers, we also stock a selection of fabric and upholstery cleaners and garment disinfectants. Like our upholstery sprays, these fabric and upholstery cleaners are suitable for use on most fabrics and garments, including those made from delicate materials. Effective against 99.99% of germs, including the coronavirus, garment sprays are a superb way to keep you and those around safe from unwitting infection.