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What are Fountain Pens & Calligraphy Pens and How Do You Use Them?


Fountain pens date back to the past. In ancient times, people had to use dip pens to write with ink. The first dip pen was simply a sharpened stick or feather. The nibs of these dip pens wear out quickly, and people have developed metal nibs to last longer.  The dip pens are dipped directly into the inkwell and they hold enough ink to write just a few words. When the ink on the nib runs out, it is necessary to dip the pen back into the inkwell to continue writing.  Due to all these difficulties, fountain pens were produced.


The first fountain pen was created from the idea of using the body of the ink as an ink reservoir. But these fountain pens were leaking. Today's fountain pens started to be produced by placing a rubber pouch inside the pen as an ink reservoir. Fountain pens, which have not gone out of fashion for many years and are indispensable helpers of writing enthusiasts, stand out in terms of both their duration of use and their performance.


Fountain pens with different designs and nib thicknesses provide comfort in the writing process as they can appeal to the personal preferences of each user. Although fountain pens may seem difficult to use, they are actually very practical. Above all, how you hold the pen is an important detail. The small hole through which the ink flows should be on the upper side. If you hold the pen sideways or upside down, you cannot write.


Calligraphy pens are a specific type of fountain pens - they are used for special lettering and writing projects. They are often dip pens without an ink reservoir and have a broader, flatter edge than fountain pens.


Before using the fountain pen, you need to clean it every time. Cleaning the fountain pen before use will prevent possible ink fluidity problems. You can find all the materials you need for a pleasant writing process from the premium fountain and calligraphy pens category in Avansas' product selection.



How to Clean Fountain Pens & Calligraphy Pens?


In order to use the fountain and calligraphy pens for a long time, it is necessary to clean them periodically.

  • • Never use detergents and washing up liquids! Especially avoid liquids with high ammonia content, as things such as detergent or bleach can seriously damage the body and metal parts of your pen over time.
  • • If you are inexperienced, never use razor blades. Sometimes there is a good chance that you will ruin the nib, which is worth more than the pen itself.
  • • The most accurate and guaranteed method is to drain warm and clean water over and over and soak the pen in water for a while. Remember, the best and harmless cleaning method is to use pure water.
  • • Make sure to empty the fountain pens that you will not use. It will not be good for the pen to keep the ink inside for a long time.



How to Fill Fountain Pens?


Fountain pen models are produced using nibs of different thickness to meet the expectations of each user. The ink filled in the pen's chamber is delivered to the tip in drops. Therefore, the amount of ink that penetrates the paper depends on the width of the ink chamber and the thickness of the nib. The refilling method varies depending on the type of fountain pen. Cartridges suitable for some fountain pens are inserted into the relevant part of the pen. Thus, the ink reaches the tip of the pen. Some fountain pens are filled with ink directly from the ink bottles. When filling your fountain pen, you need to be sure that all parts of the pen are correctly and firmly inserted to prevent ink from staining your hand, paper or notebook.



What Are The Advantages Of Using Fountain Pens & Calligraphy Pens?


  • • Fountain pens, which have been used for many years, offer a pleasant and comfortable writing experience.
  • • Since you don't need to push down while typing, your hand won't be tired and you can write comfortably for a much longer time.
  • • Fountain pens are very diverse. Thanks to the fine and high quality nib of each, your writings look better quality and aesthetic.
  • • For those who will use calligraphy pens for the first time, there are models such as calligraphy pens for beginners.
  • • A personalized fancy pen is a great gift option for someone you love.



What Should Be Considered When Buying Fountain Pens & Calligraphy Pens?


To write better with your fountain pen, you should choose a model that fits your hand. Fountain pens include models designed separately for right-handed and left-handed people. If you are using your left hand while writing, you should choose left handed fountain pen types.


When purchasing a fountain pen, you need to be sure that the part where the ink flows is visible. You should also consider the tip thicknesses during selection. The usage area of each fountain pen tip may differ from the other. For this, you have to do a little research on the tips and their properties.


For calligraphy pens, the main focus is choosing a nib that suits the wrting style you want to achieve.



Which Fountain Pen Varieties You Can Find at Avansas?


Fountain pens in Avansas' fancy pens category are quite diverse. You can find different models for different usage purposes. Some of the fountain pen varieties are as follows:

  • • Calligraphy pen
  • • Premium pens
  • • Vintage fountain pens
  • • Engraved fountain pen
  • • Luxury fountain pen
  • • Gold fountain pen


Avansas' product range also includes fountain pen sets. You can browse calligraphy pen sets and fountain pen sets and purchase the one that suits your needs. You can find the best fountain pen brands in Avansas' wide product range. Expensive fountain pens do not always mean quality. The cheap fountain pen varieties available in Avansas show high performance.


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