Office Desk Lamps

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Office Desk Lamps


Incredibly handy, practical, and modern, desk lamps are a must in any workspace, whether you’re working in an office, a workshop, or from home. Avansas has a wide and varied range of office desk lamps suitable for all workplaces. Brighten up your day with a simple LED desk lamp, perfect for late nights at work or early mornings in the office, or go for a classic angle-poise lamp, giving you complete directional control.


Although most offices now have overhead lighting, this form of light is insufficient for most working environments, especially for jobs that require the use of digital gadgets and reading for prolonged periods. An office desk light paired with overhead lighting is perfect for reducing eye strain and preventing fatigue. In addition to this, a good office desk lamp is key for those working in design and on fine detailed projects, minimising eye strain and avoiding mistakes.


Exceptionally functional and practical, the range of modern desk lamps are made from the highest quality materials and are budget-friendly too. Each product includes some handy features, from multi-level dimming functions to USB-connectivity portable lights, providing you with everything you need for use during the day. The bodies of these table lamps for the office can also be extended to allow you to control exactly where the light falls, and are easily foldable when it’s time to finish work for the day. Super simple yet stylish, they can be purchased in an array of colours to work with any décor.


With the flick of a switch you can light up your working environment with a sleek, modern and durable office desk lamp from Avansas.