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What are the types of Hand Sanitisers?


With the global pandemic that has an impact worldwide, we have understood the importance of hand sanitisers. Nowadays, almost every person has hand sanitisers in their bags. But what are these disinfectants, and how are they used?


Sanitisers are the chemical substances used to kill pathogenic microorganisms in the inanimate environment or stop their reproduction. In terms of content, disinfectants consist of chemical components, primarily gel and isopropyl. Fragrant aromas are also added to some hand sanitiser varieties.


There are harsh chemicals in the content of surface disinfectants. However, when choosing a hand sanitiser, it is recommended to select products that do not contain carcinogenic and allergic substances.


The most preferred hand sanitisers are alcohol-based gels. For the disinfectant to be effective, it must be at a certain alcohol rate because products with low alcohol content may be insufficient to destroy the virus.


If the amount of alcohol is below fifty per cent, the lethal effect decreases at that rate. It has been determined that the ideal alcohol content for a hand sanitiser is between 60 and 90 per cent. However, the type and characteristics of the microbe are also crucial factors. Disinfectant types that contain 70 per cent alcohol are generally preferred. For the most effective hand sanitiser varieties, check up on the products in Avansas' product selection.


What should be considered when purchasing Hand Sanitisers?


Hand hygiene is one of the most critical requirements to lead a healthy life. Disinfectants such as antibacterial gel and hand gel are used to meet the need to clean and kill dangerous microorganisms. However, there are some factors to consider when purchasing a hand sanitiser.


  • The hand sanitiser you prefer should not have any negative side effects. Because of poor quality and harmful disinfectants, you can put your health at risk while you want to provide the necessary hygiene and protect yourself from diseases. Therefore, you should select the products of reliable brands. In addition, the hand sanitiser you will buy must have passed the necessary health tests and be approved.
  • Some poor quality antibacterial gels protect you for a short time. It may not give confidence in protecting your health, as it provides insufficient protection. The hand sanitiser you buy should be effective for a long time.
  • Some hand gel varieties have a bad odour. This smell can make you uncomfortable. Therefore, the product you prefer should not be funky.
  • Some bacterial gel varieties in Avansas' product range have the ability to soften and moisturise your hands. While these products protect your skin, they also provide a high level of disinfection.


What is the protective feature of Hand Sanitisers?


The intensely advancing work pace of people and the crowded environments they have to be in have minimised the possibility of being protected from some diseases described as epidemics. Experts recommend washing hands with plenty of water and soap to prevent epidemics. However, in some cases, it is not possible to wash your hands with soap and water. At such times, hand sanitisers with effective formulas are used.


Hand disinfectants contain sodium hypochlorite, ethyl alcohol, iodophors and phenol components according to their effects and intended use. These disinfectant products help to eliminate all kinds of microorganisms. Some powerful disinfectants even destroy viruses.


How to use Hand Sanitisers?


Hand sanitisers are produced in both liquid and gel form. Although they are in different forms, the usage of these products is the same. First of all, you should pour enough hand sanitiser gel on your palm for proper use. You should then spread this gel all over your hand. After rubbing the hand gel between your fingers, you should apply it to the outer surface of your hand. In addition, you should not forget to remove the dirt and microorganisms accumulated in your nails.


Since alcohol is an easily volatile chemical, the alcohol-based hand disinfectant that is left open will volatilise, so its ability to destroy microorganisms may decrease. Therefore, you should definitely close the cover of the hand sanitiser after cleaning your hand. Thus, you can use the product effectively and for much longer.


Where should Hand Sanitisers be used?


We have to spend time in many crowded places during the day. You may not find the opportunity to wash your hands in places such as public transport vehicles, stores and government offices. In such cases, it is essential to have portable hygiene products with you. Since hand sanitisers are sold in small bottles, they can be easily carried in the bag and used wherever needed. It should be made a habit to always have a hand sanitiser with you, especially in winter and during epidemic periods, and regularly use it in social life and when you are in crowded places - along with other hygiene products like face masks, wet wipes and facial tissues.


How much are Hand Sanitiser prices?


Hand sanitiser usage has become more widespread than ever before due to the infectious diseases that cause difficult times worldwide. Sanitiser prices, which you should definitely keep with you, especially in places where you cannot find the opportunity to wash your hands, vary. Product prices vary according to brand, size and features. Thanks to our user-friendly store layout, you can browse all hand sanitiser gel types and get an idea about their properties. You can trust Avansas to buy antibacterial gel varieties produced by top quality brands at affordable prices.


Is it safe to buy from Avansas?


It is essential to enjoy a secure shopping experience. Your local supplier Avansas considers every detail so that you can shop with peace of mind.  Our user-friendly website offers customer comments on our products for you to make the best choice. You can order from Avansas to buy quality and hygienic hand sanitisers at the most affordable prices. You can reduce your cleaning expenses by bulk purchasing antibacterial gels. Our website protects your payments with 3D Secure and Verisign infrastructures. In addition, your payments are end-to-end encrypted and your card data is not shared with third parties. Avansas delivers orders placed within the fast delivery zone in a business day. Place your order now and get amazing deals.