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Keyboard Wrist Support & Mouse Wrist Support


One of the main reasons for using keyboard wrist rests is to combat the development and symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. This condition is the result of pressure on the nerves in your wrist caused by repetitive motion and the overextension of the wrist itself. In turn, this can cause the carpal tunnel to swell. 



Combatting Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


The carpal tunnel is a channel between the wrist and hand made up of bones, ligaments, and tendons. However, The important part is that it houses the median nerve, which feeds feeling to the index finger, middle finger, and your thumb.  

The symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) tend to become manifest in the fingers or hand, resulting in:

  • • Difficulty gripping or a weak thumb 
  • • Pins and needles in the fingers 
  • • Numbness in the hands 
  • • Pain in the arm, wrist, or hand


Using a keyboard wrist support can have a positive impact on these symptoms and, if used before they become manifest, can prevent them from becoming a problem. 

Performing repetitive tasks such as typing without the support offered by a mouse wrist support can put unnecessary strain on the wrist area and reduce the blood flow to the fingers and hand. It’s this that can result in the pain and discomfort associated with CTS. 



Choosing the right mouse wrist rests


When it comes to choosing a keyboard wrist support, there are a few things worth considering. Whether you’re buying mouse wrist wrests as a preventative measure, or you’re looking to try and mitigate existing problems for yourself or your employees, be sure to take these aspects into account: 

  • • Choose a keyboard wrist support that allows you to place your wrist at an angle of between 90° and 110° to your working surface. Not only will this take the strain from your wrist, but this position also ensures that you won’t raise your shoulders unnecessarily. While most of the symptoms of CTS focus on the wrist and hand, there is evidence to suggest that it can also have an effect on the neck and shoulders. 
  • • Ensure that your chosen mouse wrist support matches the depth and, if necessary, width of your keyboard. The closer to the height and angle of your keyboard, the less the likelihood is that your wrist will have to compensate in order to complete the task ahead. Wrist rests that either slope up or down can have a negative effect on CTS. 
  • • Don’t forget that the point of contact between you and your keyboard wrist support should be the heel of your palm, as opposed to the wrist itself. This helps to ensure that the wrist is held in the correct position to keep the wrist at the optimum angle for work and keeping problems at bay. 



Gel keyboard wrist rests


While there are plenty of mouse wrist rests made from comfortable and cushioning foam, there are some advantages to be taken from gel keyboard wrist rests. While a foam keyboard wrist support will offer comfort and support, gel mouse wrist rests offer adaptability, support, and a cooling effect. 

Filled with thick and responsive fluid, gel mouse wrist rests offer the user a more adaptive method of support. Because the gel is cool and fluid, it responds to every movement of the hand or wrist, while ensuring that the joints, tendons, sinews, and tissues are kept cool during the working day. This can help to reduce the potential for swelling in the carpal tunnel and associated tissues. 



Thinking beyond the office


While a mouse wrist support is ideal for anyone who spends lengthy periods of time in front of their computer, they’re also a superb choice for gamers. Modern computer games often require precision and deftness of touch, which can translate into stress on the wrist. A well-chosen keyboard wrist support can facilitate those delicate movements without putting pressure on the parts of the forearm that are used the most during those movements. 

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