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What are wrist rests? What are they used for?


Wrist rests are ergonomically designed products that are used to support your wrists whilst typing or using a computer mouse. Ergonomics is a key factor in ensuring that those within a working environment can function well and do not strain their bodies. When you're repetitively doing a job in the same position and your body is stressed by an awkward posture or continued uncomfortable movement, your entire body is negatively affected and so is your ability to work. By creating a device that places the body in a more comfortable and natural positioning, one can remove these stressors within the work-place.


What are the advantages of using wrist rests?


  • Ergonomic design: Wrist rests are extremely important as they implement a more ergonomic positioning of your body whilst using a computer. Implementing ergonomic solutions within the workplace or at home can help to make employees more comfortable and can even lead to an increase in productivity. Whether using mouse pads with wrist support or wrist rests for keyboards, this ergonomic tool is extremely advantageous.


  • Style: The various products on offer come with different types of colour and style combinations! This means that while each of the wrist rests on offer are ergonomically designed to enhance your work performance and ability, they can also provide a stylish feature to your office or home.


What are the types of wrist rests?


Avansas offers various wrist rest products that have each been designed for maximum comfort. The following are a few mouse pads with wrist support and keyboards available for purchase!

Mouse pads with wrist support


  • Fellowes Chevron Photo Gel Mouse Pad Wrist Support: This ergonomic non-skid rubber wrist rest comes in a vibrant design and has a stain resistant outer layer making it easy to clean. It also has a self-adjusting gel and a built-in Microban to expel maximum comfort. This device would be perfect for home or office use.


  • Fellowes Memory Foam Mouse Pad Wrist Rest: The Fellowes Memory Foam Mousepad Wrist Support ensures proper hand positioning whilst typing by redistributing pressure points. The material of this product is designed to retain body heat for improved circulation and the soft foam pillow conforms to your wrist for maximum comfort, while never losing its shape.


Wrist rests for keyboards


  • Fellowes Memory Foam Keyboard Wrist Rest: The Fellowes Memory Foam Keyboard Wrist Support is designed to withstand and protect the pressurised movements that come from your wrist as your type. This keyboard wrist support product is made from a foam material that conforms to your movements resulting in a comfortable positioning of your wrist, whilst still effectively improving the position as to not cause any strained movements.


  • Fellowes Crystal Mousepad Wrist Support: The Crystals Gel Mouse Pad/Wrist Support is a stylish, ergonomically designed transparent gel wrist support that can also be used as a mouse pad. The soft, soothing gel provides flexible wrist support that conforms to the wrist position and redistributes painful pressure points to ensure maximum support and comfort as you type. It is a colourful and stylish addition to any office or home and these flexible wrist supports are also stain resistant and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.


  • Kensington 62397 Duo Wave Gel Wrist Rest: This Kensington Duo Wave Gel Wrist Rest positions perfectly along the full length of the keyboard to provide complete comfort and support as you type. This wrist rest matches the natural curve of your wrist and hand ensuring maximum comfort. It has a two-tone colour pattern in a soft material that is easy to wipe clean making this an ideal product for office and home use.


  • Kensington 62383 Foam Keyboard Wrist Rest: The Kensington 62383 Foam keyboard Wrist Rest provides extra comfort and support as you type or use a mouse, while also ensuring a firm surface grip. The Kensington 62383 Foam Keyboard Wrist Rest fits along the length of a standard keyboard in order to ensure that pressure is distributed evenly throughout their durable foam padding. This guarantees maximum effect over prolonged periods.


How much do wrist rests cost?


Avansas has a wide variety of wrist rest products on offer and within this wide variety of products comes a wide variety of cost options. The prices of each wrist rest product is competitively structured as Avansas knows that we supply a wide variety of customers that are looking to purchase products at different pricing scales. When purchasing a wrist rest, be sure to look for the option that best suits your individual needs as each product comes with different features and they are each made from different materials. Customers are encouraged to review the product descriptions for each device to find the product that best suits their own needs, both economically and in performance requirements.


Are the wrist rests sold by Avansas durable?


Yes - each of the wrist rest pads sold by Avansas come in durable material that is made to be long-lasting. While each of the different materials on offer come with their own advantages, they are all designed to withstand daily use as well as being transported. When purchasing a wrist rest product from Avansas you are receiving a guarantee that the product you are purchasing is designed and made to be a long-lasting device that can be used for years to come.


Is it safe to buy from Avansas?


Avansas is an online shopping platform that is constantly looking to improve the functions, features and user experience. Whilst making sure that we uphold each of these elements, one of the most important and impressive features on the Avansas website is the security. With an extensive security regime in place that protects your security from the start of your order placement until your purchase reaches your front door, Avansas is an online shopping platform that protects you. For a safe and secure online shopping experience, look no further than Avansas!