Shredder Bags & Oil

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Shredder Bags & Oil


Shredders allow your business to dispose of sensitive documents and wastepaper safely and securely. Making sure confidential information doesn't get into the wrong hands is an important part of the management of your business, and failure to do so could land you in hot water. Shredders aren't just useful for destroying printed data; they can also be used to enhance your company's recycling practices.

Shredded paper takes up less space in your paper and cardboard recycling bins, so you produce a greater volume of recyclable material per bin load. To make your shredding sessions a breeze, make your you're stocked up on shredder bags and paper shredder oil.


Mess and Stress-Free Shredding

There's always one employee who loves to take on the role of chief shredder. If you find the repetitive action of feeding in sheets of paper soothing or love the satisfaction of seeing a document spliced in seconds, shredding the office wastepaper pile each week is the task for you.

Shredding can be made much easier and neater by having the right volume of shredder bags ready to collect your cuttings. We provide shredder bags of different sizes so you don't waste money underfilling a large sack or find an overflowing bag that causes a big mess. We've also stocked leading shredder brand sacks, such as Fellowes, which will work perfectly with the corresponding shredder model.

Shredder bags are specifically designed to be fit for purpose and often have a strong but breathable perforated polypropylene construction. 

Another way to avoid mess when shredding in the workplace is to choose bags that are easy to seal. This prevents spillages as you transport them to the recycling bins. Our Fellowes 100% Recyclable Shredder Bags feature extra-long wire ties for super secure closure, while the Rexel Waste Sacks have a safe seal strip to keep the contents contained.

Mindful of your company's ethos, we provide recycled and recyclable options to make it easy for you to meet your climate change targets.


Shredder Oil for Optimised Shredding

Shredder oil is important for your shredder blades' maintenance and optimal functioning. You must use only paper shredder oil and not other types of lubricants because using the wrong product could increase the risk of a shredder fire. For safety and best results, use a branded oil that matches your device, whose formulation will suit the style of blades used in the machine. For example, we stock useful 350ml bottles of Fellowes Oil.


It's recommended that you oil your shredder each time you fill a shredder bag; therefore, stocking up on great paper shredder oil from the Avansas range is a good idea.

You can oil your blades with shredder oil sheets, like the easy-to-use Rexel Shredder Oil Sheet 12 pack, as an alternative to bottled lubricant. This product can give a business owner peace of mind that their employees are safely oiling the blades as they run a whole sheet through the device, avoiding the need to go anywhere near the blades themselves.