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What are the types of shredder bags & oil on offer by Avansas?


Avansas offers a wide range of shredder bags and oil products to meet the needs and requirements of each of our customers. Avansas offers two main brands within this category, namely Rexel and Fellowes. These two brands are reliable and offer up the best products available for use in terms of shredder bags and oil commodities. Here are some of the products on offer on by these two brands:


  • Shredder bags: The shredder bags on offer at Avansas come with different sizing options and different amounts per pack. The Rexel Recyclable Auto 250 is a Shredder Sack can be easily closed with a self adhesive strip and is made from recyclable material, offering up a versatile and concinet shredder bag option. The Fellowes shredder bags on offer are all made with durable material that is clean and easy to use. While we offer a variety of brands and commodities, each of the offers are supplied by brands that you can trust to supply you with the best possible product.
  • Shredder oil: Paper shredder oil is offered in the following two ways:
    • Paper shredder oil: Offered in a plastic squeeze bottle with an extended nozzle, this oil solution ensures complete coverage.
    • Shredder oil sheets: These sheets are the easiest way to oil your shredder and are currently offered in packs of 12.



Are the shredder bags & oil of good and reliable quality?


Avansas offers shredder bags and oil that are of the highest quality and always makes sure that they are sold at the most competitive prices. The shredders and oil sold at Avansas are durable and long-lasting products that are designed to effectively enhance your day to day life. Each product is designed with customer satisfaction being the main objective. When purchasing a product from Avansas, you are receiving a guarantee that the products that you purchase are of the highest quality.


How much do  shredder bags & oil cost?


When purchasing shredder bags and oil, the amount per pack and sizing variations contribute to the differing pricing options. The prices of shredder bags and oil are determined to be cost-effective as to supply our customers with the best possible price and value for money. Though our prices are competitively structured, Avansas knows that we supply a wide variety of customers and therefore we offer a multitude of products at different pricing scales and options with different amounts. Customers may want to compare prices and product descriptions to find the product that best suits their needs, both economically and in performance requirements.


How to use paper shredder bags & oil ?

Shredder bags and paper shredder lubricant are products that are designed to not only keep your shredding devices in perfect working order, but each product is specifically designed to be used easily and efficiently. When purchasing and using shredder bags and oil products, customers are encouraged to read the laid out product descriptions in order to use them in the most effective and efficient way possible! Here are just a few pointers and tips when using paper shredder bags and oil products:


  • Paper shredder lubricant: When using Fellowes Shredder Oil to lubricate your shredding, simply press down on the reverse button and spread oil across the entire paper entry whilst continuing to hold down the button. When lubrication has been completed, hold down the reverse button for an extra 10 seconds to make sure that the oil has spread entirely through the cutters.


Avansas also offers Rexel Shredder Oil Sheet Packs that can be used to lubricate your shredding device. These popular individual sheets are infused with oil that once shredded, releases the lubricant directly onto the cutting cylinders. This eliminates any mess and is an extremely effective way of lubricating your shredding device.


  • Shredder bags: Shredder bags are used in paper shredders to collect shredded documents and paper left after shredding. Using shredder bags is a simple and efficient way to keep an office or home space clean from shredding debris! The nice thing about shredder bags is that they make emptying a paper shredder very easy; Simply pull out the bin, tie off the bag and put in a new bag.


Are shredder bags & oil easy to use?


Yes! The paper shredder bags and oil products sold by Avansas are each designed with ease of use in mind, saving both time and money in the workplace or at home. Customers looking for products specifically designed for ease of use can look into purchasing the Rexel shredder oil sheets which is a product that is known to be the easiest way to oil your shredder. Also on offer at is the Rexel Recyclable Auto 250 Shredder Sack Which comes with a self adhesive strip that can be easily closed. The sack containing the shredded paper can then be recycled without you having to remove the contents. These two commodities are specifically designed to be products that are easy and convenient to use.


Is it safe to buy from Avansas?


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