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What Are Types of Hand Wash & Soap?


Soaps, which are the most basic cleaning products, are used by scores of people every day. But have you ever wondered how soaps are made? Soap is produced by the chemical reaction of alkali substances and acids in the oil. The cleansing effect of soap arises from its ability to envelop oil particles with a thin layer that absorbs water.


Hand washes, one of the most basic needs for hand and body cleaning, have been among the indispensable cleaning materials of human beings for thousands of years. There are different types of soap according to the way of production and use. In the hand wash category of Avansas, there are products such as antibacterial hand soap, liquid soap, bar soap, foaming hand soap, antibacterial bar soap, antibacterial liquid soap and charcoal soap bar. Each of these hand soap types has different effects and uses.


Liquid Soap


Liquid hand soap is one of the most practical and at the same time, the most hygienic soap types. Liquid soap types are diversified in line with the wishes and expectations of today's modern consumers and spread over a wide range of products.


Generally, these soaps contain 36% vegetable oil. Liquid soaps that offer appropriate solutions for almost every need, such as moisturizing ones that protect and care for the hands, take their place in Avansas' product range.


Liquid soap is generally preferred in crowded places and workplaces since there is no direct contact during use. Liquid soap brands are launching their products with pump bottles and replacement bottles for refilling. Thus, as the liquid soap runs out, you can refill the bottles and continue to use them.


You can also use liquid soap dispensers for more hygienic use. These dispensers have different models that offer electrical and manual use. Giving equal amounts of liquid soap for each use prevents waste and saves you money by reducing your cleaning costs.


Bar Soap

Bar soaps, which are the oldest hand soap types, are indispensable cleaning products of washrooms due to their versatility. This type of soap is produced by mixing caustic, an alkaline substance, with oil. After this mixture is poured into moulds, it hardens and is packaged and made ready for sale.


Soaps with different pH levels are obtained according to the oil used in production and the duration of the saponification process. When purchasing a face soap bar, it is crucial to choose a compatible product with the pH balance of your skin.


Those with a problem-free skin type can use almost any type of soap. However, people with dry, oily, acne-prone or allergic and sensitive skin should carefully choose their soap type. People prone to allergic reactions and sensitive skin are recommended to use natural bar soap varieties.


Just like liquid soaps, bar soaps have different scents and aromas. Bar soaps with fragrant and herbal essences have a refreshing effect. They make you feel refreshed and cleansed. There are also a variety of bar soaps for men. You can browse men's bar soap varieties on


Antibacterial Soap


We touch many different surfaces in daily life. Unfortunately, there are invisible microbes, bacteria and viruses on these surfaces. Antibacterial soap is one of the most effective ways to destroy bacteria on your hands. It would help if you washed your hands with water and antibacterial soap for both your own health and the health of those around you. In this way, you can prevent the spread of many diseases.


Avansas' vast product range includes antibacterial soap types manufactured by top quality brands. If you spend time in crowded places and are afraid of germs, antibacterial soaps that can kill almost all harmful bacteria in seconds may be the right solution for you. Plus, antibacterial soaps are not used only for handwashing. You can also check up on this category for the various types of antibacterial soap for the body.


Foaming Hand Soap

Foaming soap is produced by adding detergent-based fatty acids to regular soap. This type of soap that creates ease of use is often preferred in restaurants, cafes and shopping malls. There is a perception that foaming soaps have more chemical content and are harmful to health. Today, many brands produce environmentally friendly soaps that can easily dissolve in the soil and do not harm human health.


What Are The Usage Areas Of Hand Wash & Soap?


The type of hand wash and soap to be chosen depends on the area to be used. Both liquid and bar soap types are suitable for home use. According to your wishes, you can choose soaps with different scents and colours that moisturize and protect your hands.


However, liquid soap or foaming soap should be preferred for places such as offices, workplaces, and shopping malls. Many people spend time together since bar soaps can cause bacteria formation when touched by various people. In this case, not touching the soap prevents the formation of bacteria and the spread of diseases.


What Are The Advantages Of Using Hand Wash & Soap?


  • Hand wash and soaps are used to protect personal hygiene. They have vital functions to kill bacteria and viruses on surfaces and to prevent diseases.
  • Soaps provide freshness as well as cleaning. Fragrant soaps make you feel good and mask nasty odours.
  • You can choose natural soaps for babies with sensitive skin. These soaps, which do not contain any chemicals, do not cause allergies, irritation and redness.
  • Contrary to effective cleaning, soaps are very affordable products. You can take advantage by purchasing wholesale for places such as workplaces, restaurants and cafes.


Are Hand Wash & Soap Prices Affordable?


You can find the best hand soap brands and varieties in Avansas' wide product range. You can browse the category for quality products such as Body Shop soap bar, Clear soap bar and hand soap and lotion sets. Prices vary according to the brand, size, function and ingredients of the product. All hand wash and soaps offered for sale at Avansas have competitive prices. Place your order to get amazing deals!