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Liquid Hand Soap


At the Avansas online store, we stock a wide variety of liquid hand soaps to keep you clean and hygienic. Washing your hands is one of the most effective and important ways to prevent the spread of illness-causing microbes, and hand wash soap plays a significant role in that process. Our soaps are carefully selected to provide you with a range of options that combine effective cleansing action, pleasing fragrances and innovative antibacterial properties.



Choosing the right liquid hand soap


We believe handwashing should be a pleasurable experience, so we choose our liquid hand soaps with this in mind. Our collection caters to different skin types and scent preferences. Whether you enjoy soothing natural fragrances or moisturising qualities, you are always likely to find a hand soap in our range to meet your needs.

Those with a problem-free skin type can use almost any type of soap. However, people with dry, oily, acne-prone or sensitive skin should choose their hand wash soap type carefully. It’s recommended that people with allergies and sensitive skin choose natural bar soap varieties.



Antibacterial soap


We touch many different surfaces in daily life. Unfortunately, there are invisible microbes, bacteria, and viruses everywhere. Antibacterial hand soap is one of the most effective ways to destroy the bacteria on your hands and prevent its spread.

Avansas' vast product range includes antibacterial hand soap types manufactured by big-name brands. If you spend time in a busy office space and want to protect yourself, antibacterial hand soaps typically kill almost all harmful bacteria in seconds and may be the right solution for you.



Foaming hand soaps


Foaming liquid hand soap is produced by adding detergent-based fatty acids to regular soap. This type of soap is often preferred in restaurants, cafes and shopping malls. There is a perception that foaming soaps have a higher chemical content. However, today many brands produce environmentally friendly soaps that can easily dissolve in the soil and do not pose a risk to human health.

Our foaming hand wash soaps are ideal for those who prefer a luxurious texture. With a simple pump, these soaps transform into a rich, airy lather that spreads easily across your hands, providing a thorough and indulgent cleansing experience. Our foaming hand soaps are formulated to be gentle on the skin while effectively removing dirt and germs.



Moisturising hand soaps


We understand that maintaining soft and hydrated hands is essential. That's why our collection includes moisturising hand soaps enriched with nourishing ingredients, such as aloe vera, shea butter, or vitamin E. These hand soaps not only cleanse your hands but also help replenish moisture, leaving your skin feeling soft, smooth, and refreshed.

Our hand wash soaps are available in a wide array of captivating scents, ranging from invigorating citrus and refreshing floral notes to soothing herbal and calming aromas. We believe a pleasant fragrance can enhance the handwashing experience, making it a delightful and sensory treat. Choose from our selection of uplifting, relaxing and invigorating scents to elevate your daily hand-washing routine.



Liquid hand soaps in the Avansas online store


Our cleaning products are on offer at competitive prices, but we never compromise on quality. All the products in the Avansas online store are designed to offer excellent value for money. We have soaps to suit every budget! Whether you are purchasing hand wash soap for your home, office, or school, we have something for you.

Browse our full range of liquid hand soaps and find the perfect product. As well as a straightforward shopping experience, Avansas customers benefit from quick and convenient delivery to any UK address.