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Brooms & Cleaning Brushes


Spending time in a clean home or workplace directly affects motivation. There are a variety of cleaning supplies used for effective cleaning. Brooms and brushes are among the most frequently used products in surface cleaning.


Although broomstick is an old-fashioned cleaning product, it is indispensable for many people as it is very handy and functional. Above all, brooms are extremely affordable. With this cleaning tool that works with your energy, not electricity, you can sweep dust, dirt or broken glass on the floor. Generally, a cleaning broom is used with a dustpan. With the help of a broom, dust and dirt are swept into this dustpan.


The importance of brushes in cleaning is also undeniable. There are types of brushes manufactured for different purposes. Each of these products fulfills important tasks. You can have hygienic toilets with the toilet brush. This product, which is used in both homes and workplaces, is durable and long-lasting.


Cleaning brushes are produced in different sizes. Cleaning brushes are often used by attaching to a broom handle. However some cleaning brushes are produced with a broom handle. These brushes can be used both indoors and outdoors. It provides effective cleaning thanks to its stiff and thick bristle texture. It can easily clean the dirt accumulated on the surface. 


Scrub brush is used to clean floors and hard surfaces. Its hard bristles are specially manufactured for scrubbing. It can be used dry as well as with water or cleaning fluids. The vacuum cleaner brush is a special product with angled bristles. This brush type used for small areas is quite functional. You can browse the broom and brush varieties produced by quality brands in this category.


Tips on how to choose the right broom and cleaning brush


There are some important details to consider when purchasing a broom and brush. A product with these features is the right choice for effective cleaning. The features to be considered when buying a broom and brush are as follows;


  • When purchasing a broom, brush and broomstick, you should not compromise on quality and do not shop for price. You should pay attention to the brand of the product. A poor-quality product will let you down and increase your cleaning costs.
  • The dimensions of the product should be suitable for your needs.
  • If the broomstick is adjustable, it will be more advantageous for you. Thus, you can adjust it according to your own height and clean more comfortably. If you have to bend down constantly while cleaning, you may experience back pain.
  • The product must be made of high quality and durable material. Thus, it can be used for a long time.
  • The bristles of the brushes should not fall out.
  • It should not contain carcinogenic substances and heavy chemicals harmful to health.


How to use brooms & brushes


Both brooms and brushes are easy to use products. You need to place your hand halfway down the broomstick and make sure you do not put too much pressure on your hand. Thanks to the long broomsticks, you can easily sweep without hurting your back. But still, you should pay attention to proper posture while cleaning and you should not risk your health. You should remember to keep your back straight while sweeping.


After sweeping the dust, you can use mops for more detailed cleaning. Mops generally have highly absorbent sponges. Its movable mechanisms offer easy use and provide effective cleaning. Since it can be used wet, it ensures that the surfaces are shiny.


Floor squeegee and window cleaning squeegees are also included in this category. These products help you easily clean water on wet floors. In addition, it easily cleans stains even in hard-to-reach areas.


How much do brooms & brushes cost?


Broom and brush prices are determined by many different factors. The brand, dimensions and material of the product affect its price. While plastic products are more affordable, those made of metal can cost a little more. But don’t worry, Avansas’ product range includes broom and brush varieties suitable for every budget.  You can make your choice considering the features that are important to you.


The Best type of broom for you


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