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Cleaning Brushes & Brooms


If you need new cleaning brushes and brooms, look no further than the Avansas online store. Featuring a variety of tools that help you maintain a clean and hygienic environment, our collection is designed to provide you with everything you need to keep your home, workplace or business looking clean, tidy and organised.

Having the right cleaning tools can make all the difference when trying to achieve exceptional cleaning results. We have all struggled with inadequate products that don’t achieve the desired level of cleanliness. With this in mind, our selection includes sweeping brushes and brooms that cater to different surfaces, areas and cleaning preferences, ensuring you can always find the perfect tool for you.



Cleaning brushes and brooms for a wide range of purposes


We offer a plentiful range of cleaning brushes, including handheld dustpans and brushes, washing-up brushes, car wash brushes and garden brushes. We even sell lint rollers and other similar items.



Toilet brushes


Toilet brushes are essential for maintaining cleanliness in bathrooms. Our collection includes toilet brushes with durable bristles and robust bases, so they can stand up to regular use. These brushes are designed to effectively remove stains and build-up from toilets, resulting in a clean and fresh bathroom environment.



Bottle brushes and nail brushes


Our bottle and nail brushes are ideal for cleaning awkward and hard-to-reach areas. Bottle brushes feature long handles and soft bristles, making them perfect for cleaning narrow-necked containers, baby bottles and delicate glassware. Nail brushes boast a compact design and are ideally suited to removing dirt from beneath the nails or other tricky areas.



Cleaning brooms


In addition to brushes, we offer a range of high-quality brooms for sweeping and maintaining cleanliness. Our collection includes indoor brooms, outdoor brooms, and broom accessories. Indoor sweeping brooms are designed with soft bristles to effectively capture dust, dirt and debris on indoor floor surfaces without scratching or damaging them.

Outdoor sweeping brushes have sturdy bristles and a robust handle, making them suitable for cleaning driveways, patios and other outdoor spaces. Our broom accessories include products like broom handles and new brush heads.



How to choose the right broom and cleaning brush


You should consider the following factors when selecting a broom or brush:

  • • When purchasing a sweeping broom or cleaning brush, you should not compromise on quality. Pay attention to the brand and read user reviews. A poor-quality product will let you down and soon need replacing, increasing your cleaning costs.
  • • Check the product dimensions. They should reflect how you expect to use the broom. For instance, if you want it to clean hard-to-reach areas, it will need a long handle. For smaller areas, look for something that can fit into corners and down the side of furniture.
  • • For a more versatile tool, look for adjustable sweeping brooms and brushes. They allow you to adapt the tool to your needs as you go, so you need fewer brushes and brooms to complete a wide variety of tasks.
  • • Make sure the product is made from high-quality, durable materials. This will increase its expected lifespan.



Durability is key


We understand the importance of durability in cleaning tools. That's why our brushes and brooms are crafted from quality materials, like durable plastics, natural bristles and synthetic fibres. This ensures that our cleaning tools can withstand repeated use and resist wear and tear, providing you with reliable cleaning solutions.

Purchase your cleaning brushes and sweeping brooms from the Avansas online store today. As well as excellent value for money and quality products, you can benefit from quick and convenient delivery direct to your door.