Cleaning Sponges & Scourers

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Cleaning Sponges & Scourers


Cleaning sponges and scourers offer a simple way to beat dirt and grime. Whether you’re looking to keep dishes and cups clean, tackle stains or mop up spills in the kitchen, make sure your workplace has a stash of scouring sponges ready to go for any cleaning task. Our wide range of washing up sponges caters for all office cleaning needs, with a variety of products suitable for both light cleaning tasks and heavy-duty scrubbing. 



Everyday Cleaning Sponges


Our cleaning sponges are perfect for washing dishes, cups and cutlery in the workplace kitchen. Stop plates stacking up or being returned to the cupboards with grime on them by keeping a pack or two of washing up sponges by the office sink. They soak up water easily and can be effortlessly wrung out, ready for their next use. They’re designed to create a lather without a lot of washing-up liquid, meaning you can keep your cleaning costs low. They’re soft and non-abrasive, protecting your cutlery, plates and glassware from scratches and ensuring they can be used for a long time to come. 



Powerful Scouring Sponges


Sometimes dirt or grease can become caked onto a dish, making it hard to clean. That’s where scouring sponges come in. They possess rough surfaces which enable you to dislodge grime in no time and leave your plates sparkling like new. Durable and ready for heavy-duty cleaning tasks, a scourer allows you to give plates, cutlery, glasses, mugs and even surfaces a deep clean, giving extra power when regular cleaning sponges don’t quite do the job. As well as scouring sponges, we also sell dish brushes and sponge cloths so you can get into all the corners and crevices of dishware and banish stubborn stains and dirt for good.



Advice For an Effective Clean


Our cleaning sponges and scouring sponges are built to be long-lasting, but you can extend their lifespan with a few simple tips for an effective clean. Sponges should be cleaned after each use to get rid of any lingering dirt or grease. After that, they should be left to air dry in a well-ventilated area to prevent the growth of bacteria before they are used again. Scouring sponges can be used for multiple cleans, but they will eventually suffer wear and tear and need to be replaced both for practical and health reasons. For optimum cleaning performance, replace your sponge or scourer with a new one when it begins to look a bit worse for wear. 

Thankfully, we offer a range of sponges in affordable, multi-pack options, so a fresh sponge is always on hand.