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Mailing and Packaging


Especially in big cities, it may be necessary to ship to other districts and cities and even countries many times during the day. In this context, stationery items are essential for offices and workplaces. Required for mailing and packaging, stationery items usually include packaging materials, white labels, packaging tapes and dispensers, markers, masking tapes and double-sided tapes.

Packaging materials such as stretch wraps, bubble wraps, small-medium-large boxes, packthreads, raffia, corrugated cardboards, shipment packaging, bubble cold chains, foams, air cushions for mobile phones and laptops and zipper storage bags can add style to shipments and ensure that they reach the recipient without any damage.

White labels in various sizes and numbers can be used practically; not only for shipments, but also for any material to be classified in offices.

There are transparent, colour and print versions of the essential packaging tapes. Anything you want affixed, you can do so on all surfaces with packaging tapes of various colours and sizes. Thanks to tape dispensers, all small-medium-large boxes can be easily taped.

Markers used in mailing and packaging are preferred for writing on boxes as they are colourful, practical and can be used on all surfaces.

Masking tapes and double-sided tapes are often used in offices for decor purposes or for hanging notes, posters and banners. Double-sided tapes of various sizes are strong and durable enough to be used in mirror hanging. In order to easily access all the mailing and packaging products you need, start shopping on and choose the most suitable products within various price ranges.