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Lockable Cash Boxes


If your business and employees regularly handle cash, it pays to invest in technology that saves time and helps prevent you from falling for forgeries and counterfeits. Our selection of money-handling devices includes everything from safe and sturdy lockable cash boxes to anti-theft signal-blocking key fobs.

Easy to use, dependable and robust, our products are perfect for any environment where organisation and security are essential. We stock products from a range of big-name brands, so it doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a Cathedral cash box or Kevron key tags, we’ve got your back.


What types of products are available?

At Avansas, we stock a phenomenally wide range of lockable cash boxes and petty cash tins, so you can choose the right model for your needs. We also have a diverse array of key tags to choose between.

One of the more advanced products we stock, the RFID Signal Blocking Car Key Box prevents criminals from stealing vehicles that utilise keyless entry, by blocking their ability to relay the signal. These boxes feature an innovative magnetic flap that blocks the relay signal and prevents unauthorised access.


Why does cash security matter?

Cash security matters for several reasons, most notably because it is a highly valued commodity. But let's look at some other reasons.

• Theft prevention. Lockable cash boxes and other security measures help prevent criminals from making away with your money.

• In many cases, your insurance cover depends on storing cash in a safe place and implementing appropriate security measures. If it is found that you haven’t applied those measures, you may not receive a payout.

• Customer trust. Businesses that handle cash depend on customer trust. For instance, few customers would entrust their money to a bank that isn’t secure. Security breaches erode trust and harm your business’s reputation.

• Preventing fraud. Cash security measures can help prevent fraud, such as counterfeit notes. Businesses can use authentication and detection methods to identify counterfeit cash or fraudulent transactions and work to stop them from recurring.


What to consider when buying a cash box

When buying a lockable money box, consider the following factors:

  • Your first consideration should be size. How big a cash box do you need? Will it need to fit in a drawer or safe? How much cash will it typically contain?
  • You also want to ensure you pick a box with a secure lock. Take a look at the product description to determine how effective you think the mechanism will be.
  • Some petty cash tins are relatively simple and benefit from no organisational features. Others include coin holder inserts that improve organisation.
  • Robust design. Petty cash tins and boxes should be made from robust and durable materials that cannot be destroyed or damaged easily, such as stainless steel.


Shopping online for lockable cash boxes with Avansas

As Europe’s leading supplier of business accessories and essentials, we offer our customers the best products at unbeatable prices. Whether you need lockable cash boxes or key fobs, we can help you find the right product. And, with a range of UK delivery options available, you could receive your order in as little as 24 hours.