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Cash Boxes and Key Cabinets

Cash boxes are used to keep money secure at homes and workplaces. Cash boxes produced in different sizes and features ensure safety and allow you to keep your valuable items such as money, documents and jewellery in order. There are various metal cash boxes for different uses.

What Are Cash Boxes, How Are They Produced?

The first cash box was developed by two British inventors Charles Chubb and Jeremihal Chubb in 1818. Thanks to the lock system they invented, they started to produce cash boxes and developed their products over time. They patented their cash boxes in 1835. Cash boxes have developed over time and now come with different features such as fire and impact resistance. Digital lock mechanisms, which are produced thanks to evolving technologies, ensure that cash boxes are extra secure. This way, many people have the opportunity to use durable and extra secure cash boxes to keep their money. According to CreditDonkey, an investment company, saving money is difficult when you don’t have a place to keep it. Cash boxes are frequently used for saving money.

So, how are cash boxes that millions of people prefer to keep their money produced? In cash boxes for personal use, the inner mechanism is covered with iron while the box is coated with steel. Lock systems and covers include metal that is extremely hard to cut. Cash boxes for offices and workplaces, on the other hand, are made of heavier materials.

How to Lock a Cash Box

Locking mechanism plays an important role in choosing a cash box. Cash boxes with digital locks are the most popular ones. When locking these cash boxes, first turn the handle, lock the box and enter the password specified by the producer. Then, enter the password of your choice. The password must be three to eight digits long. After the tone, re-enter your password and lock the box. There are also cash boxes with padlocks.To keep the cash box secure, the padlock is locked and unlocked with a key. Padlocks come in various sizes. They are popular among those who do not prefer digital locks.

What Are the Advantages of Cash Boxes?

  • Cash boxes are one of the most practical ways to keep money secure.
  • They are convenient as they can be mounted inside the cabinet.
  • Digital lock mechanisms ensure high level security.
  • They are resistant to fire and impacts.
  • Thanks to cash boxes, keep your money safe in a place where you can access easily.
  • With their affordable prices, they allow you to keep your money secure in a budget-friendly way.

Which Cash Box is Best for You?

  • Cash box models with electronic combination locks are ideal for both home and workplaces. Keep your money secure easily thanks to their practical use.
  • Mount them anywhere you like. This feature is often used at workplaces. If you want to organise your office and place products such as cash boxes in which you keep your valuables in a remote spot, choose a cash box that can be mounted in the cabinet.
  • Cash boxes with double bolt locks are designed for those who want to take extra security measures. Choose products with this feature to keep your money and valuables extra secure.
  • Types of cash boxes made of steel or metal vary according to the purpose of use. Cash boxes with steel bodies are generally preferred for offices and workplaces, whereas lighter ones with metal bodies are for home use.
  • Cash boxes are among popular items in the occupational safety category and usually come in jumbo, large and medium sizes. Choose jumbo cash boxes to keep large amounts of money secure. On the other hand, medium cash boxes are more practical for home use.
  • Pay attention to the warranty conditions when purchasing a cash box. Learn about the scope of warranty and how long the warranty period lasts.
  • Determine whether you are going to use the cash box at home or at the workplace.

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