Kitchen Cleaning Products

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Kitchen Cleaning Products


Whether it’s for the communal kitchen in the office, a catering business, or for the cooking area in your home, the huge selection of kitchen cleaning products at Avansas will ensure your space always stays sparkling clean with minimal effort.


This range of kitchen cleaning supplies includes dishwasher products and washing up liquid, so you’ll be able to remove all types of baked-on and dried-on residue from dishes, cups, and cookware easily, as well as leaving delicate glasses spotless. Plus, as there are latex rubber gloves on offer too, your hands remain protected whilst providing added grip to prevent slips.


Whether you need to fix slow running sinks, plugged holes and pipes, remove limescale, or even tackle grease and grime, there are plenty of tried and trusted kitchen chemicals in the Avansas range. Expect all kitchen cleaners from the top brands you’ve come to rely on, from Mr Muscle and Viakal, to Flash, Cif, Dymatack, and Selden. Ideal for all your daily washing up and other tasks, choose from highly absorbent cleaning sponges and non-scratch scourers to help remove tough stains.


Perfect for all sizes, capacities, and shapes of bin, look no further than these bags and liners to dispose of your household waste and recycling properly. Choose extra strong options that are thick and leak proof for tough, heavy clean ups, tie-top swing bin liners for pedal styles, or even eco-friendly versions made in the UK using 100% recycled farm waste to boost your green credentials. Here at Avansas, you’ll find all the kitchen cleaning products you need, and if you order today you can take advantage of our free next-day delivery service on orders over £30 to save even more money.