Ergonomic Equipment

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Ergonomic Equipment


Whether you're working in the office or from home, in this day and age we all spend a large chunk of our days staring at some form of digital screen. So it’s imperative that we do so comfortably and without putting our health at risk. The Avansas range of ergonomic equipment contains the perfect solutions for every employee's needs.


Incredibly practical, comfortable, and durable, within this category of ergonomic office equipment you’ll find a number of orthopaedic office products to support your wrists, back and feet during the day. Memory foam and gel wrist rests are ideal for relaxing your arms, wrists, and hand muscles and minimising the risk of conditions such as RSI, while adjustable foot rests and perforated office back chairs provide comfortable support.


Raise your level of comfort with the range of ergonomic office supplies and ergonomic computer equipment which include a large selection of monitor stands. These can easily be adjusted to eye level to reduce eye, neck, and shoulder strain, providing you with the perfect viewing solution. There are various options that are compatible with laptops, monitors, and even your mobile phone, letting you make full use of your everyday tech without compromising your comfort or health.


The range of ergonomic tools and equipment are beneficial to creating and maintaining comfortable working environments and ensuring productivity is always high. All of Avansas products are of the highest quality and can be purchased at budget-friendly, affordable prices. Browse the range and simply place your personal or bulk order today to qualify for free next day delivery on orders over £30.