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Room Air Freshener Sprays


While we probably instantly associate the humble room freshener with the bathroom, it can be a lot more versatile both at home and in the workplace. Our range includes everything from automatic room air freshener dispensers to air freshener spray cans. Available in various scents and with refills available for those that use them, you can ensure that even the least aromatic room in your building won't offend sensitive noses.



The benefits of air freshener spray


Air freshener spray cans are perfect for situations where an unpleasant smell needs to be removed as quickly as possible. Whether a wet dog has visited your home or someone has walked something unpleasant into the office, these are a quick and effective way of combatting unwanted odours. Similarly, having a can of air freshener spray in your bathroom ensures that the smallest room in the home isn't necessarily the smelliest.



Automatic room air freshener dispensers


Automatic room dispensers are ideal for maintaining a consistent and pleasant perfume in any surroundings. Browse our range of automatic room air freshener dispensers, and you'll even find those that are programmable. Choose to set yours for certain days of the week or at specific intervals, and you'll always find yourself walking into a room that smells as fresh or ambient as you need it to be. You'll also find automatic room air freshener dispensers with built-in LCDs, so you know precisely when the aerosol needs to be replaced. Many are battery-powered, so you can choose the most effective spot to put them without worrying about proximity to power points or unsightly cables.



Why use a room freshener?


Although most of us think of using a room freshener to eliminate unpleasant whiffs, they can serve another purpose. Research has found that scents and aromas can significantly affect our mood, memory, creativity, and even productivity. If your workplace has an area in which employees can relax or even take part in yoga or meditation sessions, a room freshener can help to add an extra calming dimension to the environment. Similarly, researchers believe that fresh and vibrant aromas in busy office areas can promote productivity and allow workers to focus more easily. There's even evidence to suggest that certain smells, such as lemon, can reduce the potential for typing errors by up to 54%.



Scents make sense


Walking into a workplace or someone's home is a multisensory experience. While most of us are immediately aware of the sights and sounds that surround us, our olfactory senses also play a massive part in the first impressions we draw. From entertaining guests to welcoming potential customers, clients, and VIPs into your office, setting the scene on every level can help to impress. A quick blast with an air freshener spray can do the trick in situations like this. However, if your visitors will be staying for a long time, then the subtle squirts of an automatic room air freshener can keep the room smelling as good as you've made it look.



Reed diffusers


A reed room freshener is another alternative. These work by putting dry, wooden reeds into a pot of scented liquid. The reeds soak up the liquid, slowly evaporating from the exposed parts. Reed diffusers are a great way to keep a constant background aroma floating gently through any space. However, they do need keeping an eye on, as it's easy to let them run dry compared to the LCD alerts offered by automatic room air freshener dispensers.

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