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Who doesn’t love a biscuit? According to scientific research, we’ve been fans of the baked treats since Neolithic times, although these consisted mainly of oats and grains, baked on hot stones. Today, cookies & biscuits have evolved to include a variety of ingredients and flavours, so you can enjoy a quick munch on your favourite. 

Pairing perfectly with teas, coffees, or herbal infusions, biscuits are a great way to get a quick carbohydrate fix and stave off those hunger pangs until your next meal break. However, there’s one argument that continues to rage: what’s the difference between a cookie and a biscuit?



Cookies are named after a Dutch word, ‘koekje,’ which translates as ‘little cake.’ This seems to describe cookies perfectly, as they tend to be made from a soft batter that results in a denser product. Cookies are generally larger, chunkier, and chewier than their crumblier counterparts. Modern cookies benefit from the addition of various ingredients, such as chocolate chips, blueberries, and even peanut butter.



By contrast, biscuits are much thinner, more brittle, and smaller than cookies. Their texture is created using a harder dough and, like cookies, they are often embellished with some tasty little extras, such as chocolate, raisins, and even jam. They take their name from the Latin words, ‘bis,’ meaning ‘twice,’ and ‘coctus,’ meaning ‘cooked’. While most modern biscuits are only cooked once, there are types which benefit from a second spell in the oven. Bulk buy your biscuits and you can save money versus buying a single packet in the supermarket.


A cheeky cuppa

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