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Office Paper Clips & Paper Fasteners 


While staplers tend to be the go-to gadgets for keeping papers together, there are some occasions where only office paper clips will do. Typically made from galvanised steel wire, they're typically shaped to form two tongue-shapes with a connecting curve. Sheets of paper are pressed between the tongues and held secure. However, they rely on a little more science than meets the eye. Factors such as friction and yield stress ensure that clips will open wide enough to accommodate paperwork but still have enough strength to hold sheets securely. If you’re looking for office paper clips and paper fasteners, you’ve come to the right place.



The benefits of using paper clips


Delivering documents is an integral part of the daily routine of many workplaces, whether working from home or as part of a conventional office setup. However, so are mistakes. Once you've stapled a pile of paperwork together, you're more or less stuck with it. Should you find that there are mistakes in text, facts, or figures, removing the staples can be a fiddly and frustrating process and result in damage to the documents themselves. Many offices use paper clips to secure first drafts together, so that should there need to be revisions or insertions, these can easily be implemented before the final product goes to print. 

Similarly, certain files need to be secured in such a way that pages can be removed or added easily without tearing or defacing the papers involved. Again, in certain situations, paper clips have the edge over their more permanent counterparts. Collate your pages, pop a clip or two on the corner or along the left side, and your files are held together but with the freedom to add to them or change them as the need arises.



Size matters


Many worry that standard office paper clips won't be enough to hold larger documents together. However, at Avansas, we offer a range of stationery clips in a range of sizes. Choosing larger-sized clips allows you to fasten a greater number of pages together, while smaller ones are better suited to less weighty jobs. You'll also find that office paper clips come in various thicknesses and some even sport corrugated edges for extra grip. Typically, they come in two different designs, each with its advantages:


  • • Gem office paper clips. Think of paper clips, and these are probably the ones you imagine. With rounded ends and two 'tongues,' they're an office essential in environments where processing paperwork is a priority.


  • • Gothic paper clips. These aren't enormously different, save for the ends of the tongues are pointed, and the arms of each one is slightly longer than standard. These were designed to reduce the already-minimal potential for clips to rip or tear pages and to offer extra security across the page.


While there are other designs, such as the Niagara and Philadelphia varieties, you’re unlikely to come across them in an office environment.



Stylish and secure office stationery


Another bonus to using paper clips over staples is that you can add an aesthetic to your stack of documents. Staples are made from metal, while paper clips can be finished in plastic in a range of colours to make things less formal and more fun. Our range contains an extensive selection of coloured clips, so you can even coordinate yours to match up with the colour scheme of your office or complement your brand's identity. 

In the past, these stationery essentials were notorious for adding clutter to desks and drawers. However, paper clip dispensers have done away with all that, allowing you to take advantage of these versatile essentials without all the associated mess. These are durable, clear plastic jars with magnets set into the lid. Once you open it up, you'll find all your clips just where you need them.



Take things up a level with paper fasteners


However, sometimes you'll need something with a bit more beef behind it to safely secure even larger documents and files. Browse our website, and you'll find an array of high-quality paper fasteners ready to tackle even the most demanding jobs. Among the most popular are our steel binder paper fasteners. 

These look a little like bulldog clips, except they have a wider spine and two arms that fold back onto the clip itself. With the extra width, steel binder paper fasteners accommodate a greater number of pages, while the arms make opening the jaws that much easier. Alongside each of our paper fasteners, you'll find a product description. In addition to letting you know about the materials the paper fasteners are made from, you'll also find that it tells you how many pages each of these durable paper fasteners will house. You can use that information to pick suitable fasteners for your specific task. 

We offer our customers the best products, from the best brands, at the best prices. With various delivery options available, you could receive your paper fasteners or paper clips in as little as 24 hours.