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Conference Speaker Phones


With Covid seeing more people than ever before working from home, getting the right people together for a meeting can be tricky. In addition, the audio offered by laptops and PCs isn't always of the best quality, making video conference platforms a poor substitute. Our range of speaker phones cheerfully provides a bridge between the two, with crystal clear and natural sounding calls for several delegates at any given time. Not only are these ideal for getting the gang together when everyone's apart, but they also allow attendees to participate, whether near a laptop or not.


Versatile speakerphones

Part of any business meeting is taking notes. Our speakerphones connect to your mobile using Bluetooth, so you can keep your hands free. If you want the added bonus of being able to see your colleagues, we even offer conference phones that support video platforms such as Teams. Rather than using the tinny audio on laptops, speaker phones ensure that the right people can be heard at the right time. In addition, there’s the added benefit of being able to hold a conference, no matter where you happen to be.

Browse our collection, and you'll find speakerphones that allow you to conference call across various devices. Regardless of whether your delegates use their PCs, mobiles, or even their softphones, the audio can be combined into a seamless experience.


USB and Bluetooth speakerphones

The majority of our conference phones use USB technology for power. With long-lasting batteries, you can charge yours up in advance or, if you feel things might take a while, plug it into the USB port on your PC or laptop. In addition to providing a constant power source, this enables you to use your computer simultaneously. Tie it in with Teams, and you can even offer group presentations, safe in the knowledge that your voice will be heard by your colleagues, just as well as you can hear theirs.

However, conference speaker phones that use Bluetooth can serve purposes beyond the boardroom. Using music streaming services, such as Spotify, or digging into the music stored on your mobile, you can provide your employees with a musical soundscape. Whether they're on a break and you want to take it up a level with an ambient soundscape or you want to pump out some upbeat and motivational tunes, the sound quality is as good as it gets.


Superb sound quality

On many of our speakerphones, this is down to Digital Sound Processing (DSP). In essence, this means conference phones that use DSP mathematically manipulate sound to produce the clearest audio possible. DSP tech can even compensate for factors such as distance and temperature to ensure no drop in quality and that everyone participating delivers and receives the same audio clarity. Alongside each photo of our speakerphones, you'll find a brief description telling everything you need to know about the ones that catch your eye.

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