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In Which Sectors Are Label Printers Used?


Barcode systems enable businesses to keep track of lots of information they contain on a single code. It is a set of systems that helps to increase both efficiency and productivity. The barcodes on each product that has a financial value is the name given to the whole of lines juxtaposed parallel to each other. Thanks to the barcode systems used by businesses, it has become quite easy to control the sales and stock of the products. Especially when a product is sold at the cash register, the payment part can be made clearly thanks to label printer technologies.


Label printers, which are frequently preferred for activities such as retail sales, logistics and categorization, provide the transfer of necessary information on ready-made labels. These labels are used to easily follow the features and prices of the products and to provide accurate product information and price information. A barcode label printer can print a large number of labels in a short time, depending on the data source or computer support it is connected to.


Devices such as label printer machine and sticker label printer are of great importance in many different sectors. Some of the usage areas of these devices are as follows;

  • Retail transactions
  • Storage and shipment processes
  • Parks and highway ramps
  • Accession records
  • Quality checks
  • Bill payment centres
  • Electronic commerce processes
  • Health sector
  • Export processes


What Are the Advantages of Using Label Printers?


Label printers bring many advantages in numerous different sectors. Some of the advantages of choosing the right product are as follows:

  • Since there is a standard barcode system established all over the world, barcode tracking can be performed easily from every region and no problems are experienced thanks to the common control system.
  • Information such as in which areas the products are purchased by more people or in which region more profit can be made through barcodes.
  • Label printers are usually very minimal in size. Therefore, a small label printer takes up little space in the working area and has a portable structure.
  • Since it prints automatically, no personnel is required to use the device. It minimizes costs and increases personnel performance.
  • Label printers have an automatic cutting function. So you don't have to tear apart each printed label and save time.
  • You will have the opportunity to print on private labels that you cannot print on standard printers with these label printers.
  • Thanks to the advanced working principle of barcode printers, high printing quality is achieved.
  • Self-adhesive labels are ready to use and save you time.
  • Thanks to the wireless and bluetooth-connected label printers, you do not have to deal with cables.
  • With the ease of printing hundreds of labels and barcodes in one minute, you can complete prints quickly and be more productive.
  • Unlike other printing technologies, thermal based devices require less maintenance. By keeping the print quality at the highest level, it enables faster and more economical printouts.


What Should Be Considered When Buying Label Printers?


Label printers come in different types according to their features and sizes. Some of the label printers in Avansas' wide product selection are as follows:

  • Sticker label maker
  • Thermal label printer
  • Postage label printer
  • Shipping label printer
  • Colour label printer
  • 4x6 label printer
  • Thermal label printer 4x6
  • 6x4 label printer
  • Handheld label printer
  • Laser label printer
  • Round label printer
  • Fabric label printer
  • Adhesive label printer
  • Waterproof label printer
  • Food label printer
  • It is very important to get information about all these varieties and to choose a label printer that meets your needs.
  • What kind of product you will be labeling is the first factor to consider. A fabric label and a food label do not have the same properties.
  • You must determine what type of connection you want the label printer to have.
  • You can choose a label printer considering what kind of print resolution you need.
  • Which size label you want to print is an important criterion.


What should be considered when using a Label Printer?


There are some factors you should be aware of in order to use your device for a long time.

  • First of all, install your label printer on a solid and level surface.
  • Always turn off your label printer when drawing out or connecting your printer's connection cables.
  • Make sure to turn off the label printer while cleaning.
  • Always protect your label printer from dust, moisture, and high temperatures.
  • Do not place containers full of liquid on the label printer and do not allow it to get wet.


What are Label Printers’ Connection Types?


Thanks to advanced technologies, label printers have different connection options. Products that have connectivity options such as lpt, serial port, hdmi and bluetooth are easily integrated with different devices, making it easy to print quickly. Wireless label printers and bluetooth label printers can be connected practically to computers or smartphones.


Where Can I Buy Top Quality Label Printers?


You can find the most affordable and best label printers at Thanks to the user-friendly store layout of Avansas, you can browse all types of label printers and learn their features. Order top quality label printers from Avansas and enjoy competitive prices with rapid delivery options.


How Much Are Label Printers Prices?


Label printer prices vary depending on the brand, model, functions, printing features and technical privileges of the product. Label printer devices that are suitable for office activities and offer direct thermal printout are generally cheaper. Products designed for industrial use with technologies such as high printout function, programmable structure, serial and multiple printing have higher prices.


You can easily choose the most ideal printing device for you, considering factors such as where and for what kind of tasks the label printer will be used for, whether it is portable or not, the number of daily or weekly prints. Cheap label printer types can be perceived as poor quality. Avansas offers you both quality and affordable prices. Place your order now. Our user-friendly website offers 3D Secure and Verisign infrastructures to protect your card payments.