Air Fresheners

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Air Fresheners


Air fresheners create a fresh and clean atmosphere at home, workplace or in any place. They eliminate bad odour and ensure freshness. That’s why they are very popular.



What Are Air Fresheners, How Are They Produced?


Air fresheners originate from incenses used in Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia and China. In 4000 BC, people found out that burning herbs around them released sweet scents. They discovered long-lasting scents by mixing plants such as bergamot, almonds, flowers with tree resins and spices. They benefited from these scents in rituals and daily life.

It was also a common ritual in ancient Egyptian to bury fragrances with the deceased. Perfume bottles and fragrant creams have been discovered in graves. Although perfume was discovered in the East, it reached Europe in time. The production of alcohol-based perfumes started with the fragrance called Hungarian Water produced in the 14th century.

The world was filled with the sweet scent of this perfume back then. Over time, France took the lead in floral scented perfume production in Europe. Today, France is the perfume capital of the world. Floral perfumes and air fresheners are the most popular scents.

How are the air fresheners that are used extensively all over the world produced? Today, fragrant essential oils, alcohol and water are used for air freshener production. Fragrant essential oils are blended and diluted using water and alcohol. Alcohol-free products contain only water.

After a waiting period that can last between 48 hours to two to three weeks which determines the permanence of the fragrance, perfumes are launched in various scents depending on the aroma of the oils used.



Automatic Spray Gadgets


One of the most practical products for air fresheners is automatic spray gadgets. Although their prices are slightly higher compared to the ordinary air fresheners, they are frequently used as they are convenient and practical. This product automatically sprays scent according to the frequency and intensity of your choice. This way, a pleasant scent will fill your office/home automatically at regular intervals.

Automatic air freshener gadgets often run on batteries. They usually spray at intervals of three, 15 and 30 minutes. In models that feature night/day mode, gadgets start spraying in the morning and stop at night. Thanks to this money-saving feature, you use your air freshener longer.

Air freshener gadgets provide very good results especially at workplaces. They improve the atmosphere of your office and help leave customers and employees with favourable impressions as they release a fresh and pleasant scent throughout the day. Since fragrances make people feel more comfortable and happy, they play a big role in reaching positive decisions.



Reed Diffusers


Those who are looking for long-lasting air fresheners prefer reed diffusers. Unlike sprays, these products include bamboo stems that continuously release scents. These stems waiting in fragrant oil absorb the oil and spread fragrance throughout the room.

Reed diffuser and air freshener prices are highly affordable at Avansas. When you run out of oil, you can place the stems between linens or in cupboards. Another advantage of these products is that they improve the design of your home or office by creating a stylish impression as they are decorative.



What Are The Advantages of Air Fresheners?


  • • Thanks to air fresheners, it is very easy to keep the atmosphere fresh.
  • • A sweet-scented atmosphere increases productivity at workplaces.
  • • Air fresheners provide a practical solution to create a feeling of cleanliness in the room. Air freshener prices are very competitive compared to the prices of surface cleaners used when doing the cleaning. The fragrance of surface cleaners fill the room only for a while whereas air fresheners are much more long-lasting.
  • • Air fresheners are reasonably priced.
  • • Eliminate bad odours in cars with car freshener sprays.



Which Air Freshener is Best for You?


  • • In order to decide which air freshener you are going to buy, you should determine your purpose of use and your taste in fragrances.
  • • Products that have floral scents spread a lighter fragrance, while products that have spicy scents such as amber scented ones have a strong aroma.
  • • For home use, air freshener sprays are a practical solution as you can create a fresh atmosphere before your guests arrive. Choose reed diffusers or automatic sprays if you want fragrance to be spread continuously.
  • • Use mist diffusers for your workplace. As they diffuse mist at regular intervals, your office will always smell fresh. This will help increase productivity and satisfy customers.



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