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Computer Listing Paper 


Also known as continuous printing paper, computer listing paper is an office essential. Designed for use with stylus or ‘impact’ printers, this paper tends to come as one long sheet, divided up by folds or perforations. Typically, computer listing paper is used for printing invoices and wage slips, enabling teams to consistently produce professional-looking documents that are easily read. The perforations mean that the document can be quickly broken down into separate sheets. For added convenience, many of these types of paper come with holes punched along the longer edges, so that printed pages can easily be stored and filed in ring binders and folders. 


Free-flowing and self-folding 

Thin and lightweight, this specialist paper has been designed so the risk of jamming is absolutely minimal. Compatible with a wide range of inkjet and stylus printers, the paper flows freely through the machine, before self-stacking, courtesy of the folds or perforations. In addition, many makes of computer listing paper boast a matte coating, which helps to reduce the time it takes for the ink to dry and prevent smudging.  


Size and density 

As different businesses have different printing requirements, our collection of computer listing paper comes in a range of sizes, from the standard (241mm x 279mm) to smaller sizes, such as 153mm x 170mm. You’ll also find it available in a range of grams per square Metre (gsm), allowing you to choose the weight and thickness of the paper you need. Additionally, we supply paper of this sort in reams of anything from 500 sheets to 4,000 sheets.

Whether you want a single pack of paper or want to keep your stationary stocked up, we can offer a next working day delivery service and competitive prices. As Europe’s leading office supply brand, we’ve been supplying businesses and individuals with all their office needs for over two decades;