Computer Listing Paper

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Computer Listing Paper


Also known as continuous listing paper, computer listing paper is most commonly used in the office for printing off invoices and pay slips. Made from thin, lightweight paper, it comes in a folded stack featuring perforated lines to separate individual sheets once printed easily. Used with stylus (or impact) printers, this type of paper is economical for printing out high volumes of work. 

Being a budget-friendly way to print means you can maintain the quality and efficiency of printing. Usually formulated with a matt surface, even high-speed printing should avoid causing bothersome ink smudges on computer listing paper, ensuring clear documents that your customers or staff can easily read. With multi-part options available, your business can readily store a copy of the printed document for its records.



Large Scale Printing Ally


For large-scale printing jobs that don't need to be presented on premium paper

is perfect for fast, fuss-free printing. Self-folding as it processes through your office printer, you can allow the print job to run through without supervision, knowing that one needs to refill a paper tray and that your sheets will come out adjoined and in order. 

No matter how big the printing run, the Avansas range has products ready to meet your needs, including our 4000 Two-Part Sheet Pack

The perfect stationery for printing off your business's monthly invoices and wages, the perforations in our listing paper range feature micro-cut perforated margins, to remove sprocket holes when your tear apart individual sheets. This clever design means you can quickly separate off individual sheets neatly, allowing you to work swiftly without tearing the document and needing to print off a new one.

Do you need to store documents for a set period in your business? For large, low-cost printing jobs, listing paper can store copies of large documents or large volumes of individual documents. With hole-punched sides on some styles, you can store the print in binders or simply add the whole stack to a storage box.



Sizes to Suit the Job


Invoices are crucial to the success of your business, and therefore when it's time to print them out, you want stationery that allows you to do so quickly and efficiently. You need a paper that you can feel sure will print clearly and without the dreaded printer jams that could prevent your invoices from being sent out on time. The Avansas 1 Part 2000 sheet stack allows you to print individual invoices onto 70 gsm 241x279mm white paper for a professional-looking but economical document.

If you employ staff at the end of each week or month, they'll be keen to receive their pay slips and providing them with a paper copy helps with their record keeping. Pay slips are more convenient for staff when delivered in a smaller dimension, so why not print on the Avansas 153x170mm Two-Part stack for compact wage records?

Need your printed material in triplicate? Avansas even offers 3-part computer listing paper in a range of dimensions.